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My hemoglobin percentage is 18.5.

My hemoglobin percentage is 18.5. one week back I have checked. This cause any problem for me. Please help me

Burning sensation at anus opening

For past 3-4 months I am feeling extreme burning sensation near anus opening while and after passing stool. Earlier it used to itch but not now. Also, I feel sharp needle kind of tinge in anus while passing stool. No bleeding  is there. Also, No constipation.

Vitamin B12 and D deficincy wt hypercalc

I have vitamin B12 and vitamin D deficincy with hypercalcemia which medicine should I take calcerol or caldikind plus

My brother query

Are contagious deseasea spread through clothes? Bcz last year during my bro CT scan, he wore the gown which is provided scaning centre and the gown was not fresh one it was used by many pateints in same day. Is it risky?

Seeking for multivitamin, no side effect

I'm pure vegetarian. I have deficiency of Ca, from 3-4 months I am noticing hair loss also. Kindly suggest any good multivitamin which can help me gain B-12 also along with tackling these problems. I got tried easily.