Sports Medicine Surgery

A Sports Medicine Surgeon provides services including Shoulder replacement surgery.

A Sports Medicine Surgeon provides services including Shoulder replacement surgery.

HSR Layout, Bangalore INR 500 - 700
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Sakra World Hospital Multi-Speciality Hospital
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Deeksha Hospital Multi-Speciality Hospital
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Health Q&A
Small breast problem

Dr payal V Shah if you don't mind I want to ask if I consult a doctor like you will you solve my problem of small breast and in minimum how much time?

Burning of my right foot

I wanted to ask a question that I basically often feel that the Base of my right toe is on fire like I feel a burning sensation or kind of inflammation so what may be the cause behind this situation I personally feel that it is due to some kind of nerve problem so what would u suggest me for its treatment???

I had a fever and cold last night

Last night I slept with less clothing, here in Jodhpur cold just reached, so I feel highly coldy and then I wake up and with blanket covered myself,, it is ok for cold but I got heavy headache when I woke up,, during work I take medicine paracetamol from first aid now in the evening same headache and cold started

Right knee physiotherapy

Got ACL surgery done on my right knee couple of years ago. It happened while playing football, so I suppose it's a sports injury. I want to make sure everything is fine, and get it checked and may be some physiotherapy too. Regards.

Nick pain and there is swelling

I smoke so with in the one or two month there is a pain or swelling in my nick . i am take medicine from the medical store but nothing work