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Vitamin D deficiency

Hi I am on a diet plan to lose weight. However my vit D is low (15). What tablet is recommended to improve my vit D level and how many times a week? Should I take Uprise D3 or mgd3

Cough cold fever

My husband having fever since 6days He clear his blood test ..nd his report is normal... Bt still in nyt time his nose has blocked... Nd fever is also have... Wt medicine he ll take plz tell...

Rashes on skin

I can see white red colored rashes on baby full body skin. Attached photo.. he is 8 month old. He was infected by cold n cough. There was fever as well for one day

Bump on neck

My friend has got a solid bump on the left side of the neck which pains on touching. What can it probably be. Which doctor should we consult

Feeling fever all the time

Hi all I have been feeling fever all the time but not much  tempreture comes up.. Just 97..or 98.. Now its been 20 days.. I have gome through many checkups and spent around 24k but nothing found.. Just some vitamine deficiency but nothing found for fever. Even CT Scans were done for abdomen chest as well.. But nothing found. Could someone please have a look at reports and suggest.. I am now not getting any help on it and feeling fever all the time and mostly feel tempreture at sole of my feet as well. Get loose stools as well randomly.. Typhoid test - widal - negative as well Please see the reports and suggest.. Waiting for some help. Thanks Sharad