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Anxjety and hypertension

I am suffering from anxiety related hypertension, I am also uses bp tab. I am taking bp by automated bp monitor at home, each time I took 3 readings first reading always high than others due to anxiety and excitement. The later readings are normal and similar. Which reading should be considered? Pls suggest. 1 reading 135/86 2 reading 124/74 3 reading 120/72. Regards.

Full body checks

What check are recommended for heart check ups for my father , so far he is fit, but often go through a lot of stress. In today's world I want to get checks done so as to asses his heart condition and can go ahead with preventive checks and precautions.

Diagnosed with BP 6 week back.

Taking Telvas40.Now BP 87/135.Rapid profile_Normal.ECG-Sinus Tachycardia.Another Dr. Suggest Amplores TL.Which will be better.

Chest pain on left side

My mother having chest pain since last Tuesday followed by vomiting. Dull pain off and on. While walking for 5 mts during forced excretion and after having milk. Dull pain in chest is experienced. Kindly guide me

Aortic valve replacement surgery

Is the surgery safe for patients above 70years of age. Aortic valve replacement surgery with tissue valve