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Knee pain problem

Suffering from Knee pain about 2 years .Pain increase in winters .In summer not a big problem but in winter difficult to walk

Back Pain

Hi, I have a back from past one month. I want to know without any tables can I reduce the pain? Please give me advice

Foot burning

Legs n foot pain n foot burning issue bcomplex levels r in border Plz help me I have thyroid from 15 yrs

Joint pain

My sister has been suffering from joint pain since 1year. she has diagnosised with hypothyroidism and taking medicines for this. But she is facing problems in day today life due to joint pains. She gets tired very soon. The amount of food she is taking decreases day by day,as she says nothing tastes good to her tongue. The colour of her hands also getting darker day by day. she is facing excess hairloss also. what should she do for these problems? How to treat these?

I'm having bow legs

Hi I'm 21 years old male. I'm having bow legs problem and the distance between the legs is more.How can I treat this in home?