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Same problem even after doing colnoscopy

I did colposcopy yesterday and my result is that I have a polyp and rest is normal... But m still facing same issues of mucus coming and thin stool... What could be the reason for it... Please please help me

How to diagnose lung cancer

How to diagnose lung cancer can chest x ray and sputum test detect lung cancer? If chest X Ray report are normal but chest pain still persists than what can we do

Acute leukaemia blood cancer

Pls Advice treatment for cure.age 69 is curable or not .what is best treatment for this Doctor advice chemotherapy.

Fever since 3 month Hg 10.1 tlc 4100.

Pls see attached Bone marrow test report.and please give me what is diagnosis .Now doctor Treatment TB .

CT scam related query

Is there any risk of wearing gown during CT scan? As there are so many patients like PET-scan, nuclear medicine pateints  wore this gown already? Plz Help