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Chest pain and extend towards back

My mother 50years old having chest pain in middle and that pain also goes towards back from last 1years . Also pain in chest starts when she walks . We did ecg and echo last year , both two report found okay . So she was under treatment of gastroenterologist . But no such improvement. After one year now when we did ecg and echo report showing grade 1 left ventricular dystolic dysfunction . Now she is under treatment of cardiologist But why we found ecg and echo normal in last year ? Then suddenly this year report is different . She also has diabetes and high pressure also little triglycerides high as per this year report . Kindly let us know is this actually hear related issue then last year why ecg and echo report doesn't show any thing ?

Reports review

Can some one explain me whats present in report so that i can consult after knowing what happen to her

Full body checks

What check are recommended for heart check ups for my father , so far he is fit, but often go through a lot of stress. In today's world I want to get checks done so as to asses his heart condition and can go ahead with preventive checks and precautions.


My father had heart attack before 20 days and after all treatment doctor's said he has blockage in LCX 100% and suggested me for the angioplasty i agreed on his opinion and he has done Angiography and Angioplasty with two stent's but I have a doubt because doctors said during Angioplasty it's not for lifetime it can be happen anytime again so what things I need to care about my father's life and what is the life of Angioplasty ?.Is it good or bad and what will be my father's daily routine ?. He is taking medicine's on time and and I am avoiding oils in his food what other things I need to care pls suggest.. Thanks & Regards Abhishek Dubey

ECG and 2D Echo

Hello respected Doctors, How often a healthy person should do 2D Echo and ECG in a year? If asymptomatic. And if symptomatic. Regards