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Depression anxiety and guilt

How to deal with feeling of guilt? Example you have hurt someone with your words because the other person has always hurt with their behaviour towards you? How to come out of such situation as early as possible when the friendship is finally over.

Mental disorder

He has starting forgetting everything and also his health is getting down day by day..he doesn't cares if his body

Unable to remember the past

She was 3 when she left the side of her family ,we have tried so many times that she will at least remember something but she is not.She don't remember any of her siblings even her own father when they try to introduce them self to her. She is twelve years now and she had been finally brought home and it seems nothing in the house can even remember her anything. Please how can we go about such situation like this

Anti depressants

I have been taking anti depressant bupropion since 15 days adviced by a psychiatrist .. intially 75 mg ( half of tablet)was started for intial five days thn increased to 150 mg .. now i was facing palpitations sweating anxiety headaches dizziness so i decided to taper off in consultation with an online certified psychiatrist . so i took 75 mg for four days and tapered off.. as phyiscal issues outweigh positive outcome of this medicine I decided to stop it by tapering it off. My question is will i face any withdrawal symptoms or anything like that. my age is 28 years unmarried female.

Attentio deficit hyperactivity disorder

My medicine inspiral sr improved my adhd symptoms on the first day but on the second day i noticed no improvement.every symptom that i knew would return.why is this happening?why is the medicine working only for 1 day and remaining days dosent work?