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Knee pain problem

Suffering from Knee pain about 2 years .Pain increase in winters .In summer not a big problem but in winter difficult to walk

Unable to bend the knee

Hello doctor, I met an accident on my polio attacked leg on 4months before ,facture on my thigh bone(femur facture )already my bones are very week.surgery done they inserted the plate from my thigh to knee.after my surgery for 2months am n bed rest after 2months only trying to start walk.now I started walking but unable to bend my knee.also am going to physiotherapy but still there is no improvement and I didn't bend my knee.please suggest me treatment for fast recovery from the above problem.thanks.

Joint pains

I am RA patient. I have taken medication for RA. Last month RA factor negative. But pains as usual. Why?

Ankle ligament partial tear

Does "warm water therapy" and "immobilization" helps in partial ATFL tear of ankle as my ligament is not healed yet with same pain even after 3months of injury???

Chest pain

I am RA patient. My age 38. Sometimes pain in the chest both sides last 20days.what is the reason this condition.