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Results of average blood glucose level

This is Arun, I am from Vellore as my mother having glucose level 205 mg/dl (PC) as this is some what high level, so the doctor told us to go for HBA1C test to know the average blood glucose level as a confirmation. The results of HBA1C found to be 183 mg/dl (Before food). I need the suggestions how to control and the better treatment to lower the glucose level in blood. Thank you in advance

Sugar levels not reducing even after med

Hello Doctors, I have been taking Jalra 50/500 and my sugar levels are just not coming down my readings over this week have been between 300-400 and off let I have been stressed out at work and I have been having big mood swings too and this is a night shift job. I really am not sure what to do and is there any other medicine that I can switch too and somebody please guide me on this

Diabetic blood sugar not on control

High blood sugar levels 350 taking medicine 2 times daily.medicine in morning before breakfast glycomate gp2 forte and at evening janumet 500 after meal

Weight loss management

Hi I have gained 20kgs of weight from past two years I have type 1 diabetes and hypothyroidism and also high blood pressure my current weight is 76 kgs please help me out with DIET CHART and WEIGHT LOSS tips.Sometimes my sugar levels are either high or either low my daily dosage of insulin is 80 units

Consuming ACV

Can I take acv for my weight management? I'm taking thyrox 37.5 early in the morning in empty stomach. So when can I take ACV?