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Tyroid level is very low

T3 = 1.27 mcg/dl t4= 10.10 mcg/dl tsh = 0.01 mcg/dl due to reduce in tsh i have changes taking thyronorm from 200 mcg to 175 mcg. I have this issue from past 2 years. I am not able to make is stable. its fluctuating a lot.please advise

Sugar level

My sugar level is 230 in fasting , how can i control my sugar level, kindly give me advice as soon as possible

Diabetes health

I am suffering with diabetes since two years and using alopathy medicines and looking for some good one to cure

Sugar level increased Fempop surgery?

Hi sir, My father has under gone fempop surgery on 5 days back. And after the surgery because low haemoglobin they have given him a unit of blood. Got discharged two days back. But when we check for sugar level its shows after dinner as 173 and next day before break fast it shows 188. Usually it should be decreased right? And this is happening after surgery. Before surgery it use to be 198 in the night and 120 in the morning. Appreciate if you could help in understanding this. Thank you.

Adv. reqd. for takingblood pressure medi

My wife(55yrs) is a chronic diabetic and high BP patient.Her FBS 116 PP 185BP123/81 Pulse 85at present.Dr. has prescribed-(a)Azulix2MF (BD), (b)Tenali20(OD),(c) Vogli Tab MD 0. 3(OD) (after 1st bite of food)(d) Olmy D20 (OD),(e)PrenuraNT (OD) when BP was 150/70. I think the blood pressure is ideal now(?) Can I stop the Olmy D20 until it rises?I want your advice.Iconsulted a doctor who suggested me to continue the BP medicine as it is to be taken through out life.The leaflet in the digital BP monitor instructs not to continue the BP medicine. Your opinion will be highly solicited.

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If You Have Diabetes Please Eat Rice, Banana and Ghee but Eat the Right Way !

Here comes another important day the world diabetes day especially for Indians. With 40 percent of Indians being prone to diabetes call it syndrome x/metabolic disorders/lifestyle changes etc . Typically in India diabetics are asked to stop eating rice, banana and ghee.The first thing one ...

This Fruit Has Killed Thousands of Children in Bihar

Hundreds of doctors and researchers examined children with AES and held extensive conversations with healthcare personnel, parents, family members and neighbours of the affected children. Thereafter, they searched the literature and after mutual discussions developed a hypothesis about the cause ...

5 Differences Between Shingles and Chicken Pox

BY DR ANIRBAN BISWAS (MD)1 VIRUS- 2 DISEASES (SHINGLES AND CHICKEN POX)Although occurring from the same virus( varicella-zoster ), there are 5 major differences between shingles and chicken pox :5 DIFFERENCES BETWEEN SHINGLES AND CHICKEN POXTREATMENTCHICKEN POX  Antiviral ...

On Being a Diabetic, the Disease in Verse

“Wounds that don't healNerves that don't feel.No food I can eat at easeWhat a disease I have” -- Diabetes!Specialists call me by another name like TripathyAs I induce painless or painful nerves, NeuropathyAnd also vandalise the vast ...

உள்ளத்தில் உற்சாகம் முதுமையே ஓரம்போ

உள்ளத்தில் உற்சாகம் முதுமையே ஓரம்போ…By மரு.இரவீந்திரநாத்முதுமை காரணமாக உடல் கட்டமைப்பு மாறுகிறது. ...

Dr. Anantharaman.R - General Physician
Dr. Anantharaman.R General Physician (MD - Medicine, DM - Endocrinology, MBBS) 9 years experience Magna Centres For Obesity, Diabetes & Endocrinology
1310 recommendations BTM Layout, Bangalore INR 500
Dr. Narendra BS - Diabetologist
Dr. Narendra BS Diabetologist (MBBS, MD - General Medicine, DM - Endocrinology) 9 years experience Sattva Super Speciality Centre
208 recommendations Indiranagar, Bangalore INR 400
Dr. Arpandev Bhattacharyya - Diabetologist
Dr. Arpandev Bhattacharyya Diabetologist (MBBS, MD - Medicine, DNB - General Medicine, MRCP (UK), CCST - Diabetes & Endocrinology, DM - Endocrinology) 26 years experience Manipal Hospital
226 recommendations Old Airport Road, Bangalore INR 700
Dr. Anitha G C - Diabetologist
Dr. Anitha G C Diabetologist (MBBS, Post Graduate Diploma in Diabetology (PGDD), Post Graduation Award in Insulin Initiation) 17 years experience Diacare, Diabetes Speciality Clinic And Diagnostic Centre
20 recommendations Rajarajeshwarinagar, Bangalore INR 300
Dr. Vijaya Sarathi H A - Endocrinologist
Dr. Vijaya Sarathi H A Endocrinologist (MBBS, MD, DM - Endocrinology) 7 years experience Columbia Asia Hospital
7 recommendations Whitefield, Bangalore INR 600