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Mouth Ulcer

I have mouth ulcer which frequently occurs in 15-20 days. I don't eat outside food , I drink water a lot daily. Please let me know if I can treat myself at home by using home ingredients or I have to consult a doctor?

Alcohol reduction

Actually my friend of same age consumed alcohol and he can not balance him properly so how to reduce the effect of alcohol not that critical he is in sense can talk but how to reduce this effect.

Hair fall and dandruff

My hair is soft and silky but too much hair loss occurs.Infact the front of my scalp has very less amount of hair.The main problem I face is dandruff.I have tried everything to remove dandruff but no fruitful result.I shampoo daily with anti dandruff shampoo,use anti dandruff lotion,used ritha,used lemon but nothing happened.When my scalp/hair is wet then ok.But as soon as it dries up scalp becomes full of dandruff...Please suggest me a fruitful solution

Hair falls

I have a heavy hair fall My hair are thin and little bit curly. When i comb approximate 10-15 hair i see every time on the comb

104.6° fever in Dengue

My sister is diagnosed with dengue yesterday even though it was her first day of gave usual pcm n pan but her temperature never came down.her platelet count is 2lacs.m worried as even now her temperature is 104.6°. it is not coming down n sticks in the same range. What shud I do? For breakfast lunch n dinner what shud be suitable for her? Is der anything to worry? Will she be alright soon? She is 30yrs old n is unmarried. She complains of full body pain.her body is burning. Doctor please advise...I gave her solo at 9pm last night. Can I give her one more now? She has not eaten it a matter to worry..her temperature?

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