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My loved one is suffering from mild Schizophrenia,he is under medication now.psychiartist has told he have dilusions and hallucinations and prescribed baxol,rexipra,olimelt,halobid.He recently resigned from his job.Our family stays together,I want to know what all I can do as a family to make him better.What diet to be followed,what to eat,what not to eat.What can I do keep him engaged all the time...i feel sitting idle may not be good.

Spinal decompression machine

Hi I wanted to know where in Bengaluru can I get a decompression therapy for the spine with equipment such as dx9000 etc, since I have a herniated disc at my l5-s1 I wanted to give this a try since I'm looking for a permanent fix thankyou

Burning of my right foot

I wanted to ask a question that I basically often feel that the Base of my right toe is on fire like I feel a burning sensation or kind of inflammation so what may be the cause behind this situation I personally feel that it is due to some kind of nerve problem so what would u suggest me for its treatment???



Veins on My foot catches becomes very vi

In the night the nerves / veins on my feet got stiff and is painful. Did x ray of foot ., but the problem reoccurring even after 15 days of physiotherapy

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Low Back Ache

Your sleeping posture is very important for the health of the spine as you spend almost 8-10 hrs in sleep. Most of us have a bad posture while sleeping. Few Tips:Don't sleep full prone i.e. On your stomach. Don't sleep with your neck & back crouched. Don't take a fat pillow if you sleep on ...

Why Running Is Good for Women

Manavi Siddhanti with Dr Rajat ChauhanLATE NIGHTS at work, household chores or lack of motivation-we have all been there. Combine that with aches and pains, obesity, diabetes or even poor heart health and taking out time to run and be consistent with it, sometimes doesn't even make ...

Cracking the Core for Runners

Want to run and stay injury-free? Then make sure you pencil in some of these exercises that will help build your ‘core’.Photo: Wall squats: Stretches the lower back musclesRunning is the most basic form of physical activity. It is ingrained in us. As toddlers, ...

Release Workplace Tension From Your Body in 6 Simple Ways

It’s tough to take a nap at work. But here is a technique that will help you relax.Take out 5-7 minutes while in office to carry out six steps to help release tension in the body. Most of us spend one-third to one-fourth of our lives sleeping. Adequate sleep is the means ...

Fun on the Run: Explore New Places the Healthy Way

Pack your running gear and go running when you are visiting different places, doing a recce of the amazing locations for the family.Most of us need a break after a family vacation to recover from the stress of holiday planning and perfect execution, and the stress manifests itself in many ...