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Too many pimples on face

I have been suffering from pimples on face from past many days. Already used many medicine but all giving temporary relief.

Excessive hair fall

I m 30 yrs old unmarried girl.I m suffering from diffuse hair thinning from 7 yrs.i tried many treatment like homeopathy and dermatologist as well. From past 7 months I m taking prp session and using morr 5% at night after 10 min of folifast lotion and vighan serum in morning.taking renocia tablet once daily after 10 min of meal. My hair fall was controlled from past 1 yr without any sign of regrowth. But now the problem is that I m facing excessive hair fall from past 1 month , it's about 150+ hairs daily which make me worried bcz I never faced such hair fall in m life. I visited my doctor he said it may b bcz sometime our hair cells getting week bcz of less of nutrition so he gave one more session on Thursday.. I checked my thyroid and hemoglobin but both reports were normal.plz suggest me something.Shoul I wait or do some test.

Continuous hedache

Fever with headache occur again and again with Red rashes full body itching continuously

Pimples on forehead,cheeks and chin

I have used skin shine cream 6months before when I stop using this cream i got so much pimple on my forehead,cheeks and chin areas.i have been to many clinics and used many creams but till now no improvement I couldnt even go out please suggest me anything

I have a heavy hair loss problem.

Sir, I have a heavy hair loss problem. I came to Hydrabad 6 months before. Before that I had an normal hair loss but after coming to Hydrabad the hair loss tripled. Please help me sir. thanks and regards

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