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Hello doctor, Can you tell me the difference between epidermal hyperpigmentation and dermal hyperpigmentation? How can I spot the difference between the two? Are there treatments available to complete fade stubborn dermal hyperpigmentation? ...NOTE: I refers to PIH, and its deepness under the skin while asking the query?

Acne problem on oily skin

Hello Dr., I have an oily skin and have pimples all over it. Kindly suggest me some remedy to get rid of these acne and improve my skin tone. Thank you.

Fangal infection

I have black spots on thighs.. some time I feel itching very much.. I consulted with many doctors some says tht it is fangal infection and some says that it's normal.....Pls suggest is there any treatment for tht

I am facing hair loss

I am only 17 years old and I'm seeing a receding hairline and balding at the top of my head and also a little in the sides please help me

Seborrhoeic dermatitis!!

I am suffering from seborrhoeic dermatitis and last month I consulted a doctor and he prescribed some shampoos and pills (nizral shampoo,sebowash shampoo,Eumosone M ointment and aquasol pill) to use until late a month and my infection would be cured Unfortunately the use of following medicine has increased my hair fall drastically and the scally things are appearing on my eye brows eye lashes and even on my beard not to mention mainly on my hair,I hope anyone could help me over come this problem Thank you very much

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Dermapen: Effective Treatment for Skin

DERMAPEN is a micro needling treatment. It stimulates the skin and naturally encourages it to repair itself, resulting in smoother, brighter, healthier and younger looking skin.The procedure is a more advanced version of derma roller micro needling.The DERMAPEN is a small electronic ...

Looking Young Is No More an Expensive Ordeal.

Actor Nagarjuna graces the silver screen and what inevitably pops in your mind is “will I look as young when I'm of that age?“ Of course you can, with a little help that is. A host of new less invasive, less distorting, anti-aging treatments have emerged for both men and women ...

Beat the Heat: 9 Ways to Protect Yourself This Summer

After cool winters come the scorching summers so here are some tips to enjoy the summer without affecting your health.Take cover, Sunburn is painful and unhealthy, Usea good sunscreen, more than SPF 50 and re-apply it frequently during the day.Also, wear a hat to keep cool and ...

This International Women's Day- a New Age Treatment for Flawless Skin!

A tribute to the role of women in every aspect of our society, the International Women's Day is celebrated on March 8 every year. We equate beauty with the charm of a woman. From times immemorial, beauty is something each of us desire to possess as it boosts our self-esteem, and ...

Will India Be the Heaviest Nation in 2030?

When you look around, you will be surprised to notice, how many of your friends and relatives are gaining weight and becoming heavier in the recent times. The reason for this situation is obvious, Our Dietary consumption is high in terms of quality and quantity and the calorie burning is at the ...

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