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Cold and cough

I'm having cold all the time and I'm having difficulty to take breadth or it's coming sound while breadth

Irregular period

Hi, This is regarding the irregular period. Usually the menstrual cycle is correct for me. Since we planned to go for temple, I had tablet to skip the period. But unfortunately I got period in next 10 min after intake of medicine. Within 5 days the period flow reduces, still it is continuing..Today is my 5th day and expecting to stop tomorrow. My question is will it stop within the expected day or will it exceed since I had tablet

Hi I have a fluttering under my left rib

Hi I have a fluttering under my left rib cage and cant figure out what it is, also for the past month or so i cant stop being bloated anything i eat or dont eat bloats me up and I have abdominal discomfort and constipated sometimes. Is there anything i can do about this?

Drinking 5 liters of water everyday.

As I read the benefits of drinking water, it was my goal to drink a lot of water everyday (as I used to drink less earlier). It's been a week since I started. Drinking water comes naturally to me. I naturally feel the urge to drink water in every 15 minutes. If not, I experience a thirst. I came across some websites which said that it is unhealthy to drink a lot of water. I drink 5 liters of water every day. I am a 16 year old girl. Is it really unhealthy or shall I continue this habit?

Giddiness sometimes .

Past two months my dad getting giddiness while bending and standing. But pressure is normal.we consult a doctor and took x Ray near neck region from back side. He told to wear a belt in the neck

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Know Your Patient Rights Before Visiting the Doctor

It is essential for every individual to understand the importance of rights to which patients are entitled to as recipients of medical care .The patients have a right to-1.Know the name of the physician who is responsible for patient care.2.To receive information about the illness ...

Our Precious Senior Citizens at Risk-Time to Act!

Metabolic syndrome is a clustering of factors like central obesity,hypertension,high blood sugars and high lipid levels in an individual.This syndrome is a major public health problem as it a risk factor for ischemic heart disease.A recent study published in the Journal of Association Of ...

Why Optimum Sleep Is Necessary?

It is a common question as to what is the optimum sleep duration?  The two most common sleep disturbances are insomnia, likely present in 5-15% of the population, and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), estimated in 10% of men and 3% of w...

Generously Generic: Know Your Medicines

One fine winter evening when I was consulting a 45 year old obese fair lady who actually forgot to bring her past health records, I enquired about the medicines she is taking on daily basis. She recollected a few brands which I noted down. On asking whether she is on Aspirin or ...

The Oil & Fat Story: What Is the Healthy Intake?

PUFA, Saturated Fats, Trans Fats, Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Mono Unsaturated Fats, Butter, Visible Fats, Fish oils…. Blah Blah. So much of information on fats just can’t be comprehended well by majority of health conscious citizens. Poor understanding of Fat facts have resulted in reliance ...

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