Bladder Stones Diagnosis

Bladder stone is probable when crystals are found in the urine forming into a mass. The causes of bladder stones if left untreated may pose difficulties in the future.Difficulty in urinating and blood in the urine are also important symptoms.

Bladder stone is probable when crystals are found in the urine forming into a mass. The causes of bladder stones if left untreated may pose difficulties in the future.Difficulty in urinating and blood in the urine are also important symptoms. ... More

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Errection Problem, Premature ejaculation

I am having an errection problem i ejaculated within 1-2 mins, even the erection is not hard, few weeks back when i was about to have intercourse with my partner and i was wearing condom i ejaculated during that time and coudnt proceed, few week later when i again tried it during foreplay i had an errection but the point when i was ready for intercourse my errection was lost & even if i have errection during masterbation it does not last longer. Even the foreskin of my penis is too sensitive, it is so sensitive that even if i touch it pains.


I have been a regular masturbator from age 16.. Recently i masturbated for 14 days everyday and and now I feel a fake arousal in my genitals and also precum even in absence of a sexual stimulant or sexual thought. Also this feeling occurs at random in public places or while talking to people or when there is something exciting going on. This has greatly reduced my mental health causing anxiety and very low concentration and is causing a lot of mood swings and lack of sleep. Please help.

No periods

My girlfriend didnt had her periods as per her monthly cycle, she is 19yrs old, its been two days still she didnt had her periods, we was sexually active but we have used protection everytime, so we are confused and we are worried now what to do ? Plz do çonsult us soon...

Periods and pregnancy

Sir i hd my last day of period on 18th march 2017 and on 19th me and my bf came close we didint had sex but he ejaculatd on my hand and somewhat in his hands too and we washed our hands and then he touched my clitoris and rubbed it...can there be chances i could be pregnant? Help me asap

Tigtness in penis and earlier ejacutaion

Sir which medicine should i take as sometimes i have taken mankind 50 is their any other best tablet at time before sex for fast result. And no side effect.

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Erectile Dysfunction and Erection Problems: Causes, Treatments

Erectile Dysfunction It is not uncommon to find young men worried about their penile size, emission of seminal fluid during sleep and about their concern on masturbation and loss of semen over the years. None of the above factors are cause for concern. Unfortunately the ‘Quack ...

Do We Need to Worry About the Prostate Disease? No!

Current clinical observation for men with prostate related symptoms:Patients need to be assured that, most prostatic symptoms are age related issue, which SELDOM REQUIRES SURGERY AND RARELY BECOMES CANCEROUS.Even in event of prostate cancer (if diagnosed later), it is a slow ...

Preserve Fertility to Ward-Off Infertility Treatment

They best way to avoid an infertility treatment is to protect your fertility. Infertility is the newest form of epidemic that is estimated to trouble one out of every six couples. Infertility problems do not surface until a couple tries to conceive. It is important to know about the reasons ...

Male Fertility Problems, Obesity – Here’s Something New

Obesity is considered to be the most prominent reason behind both female and male fertility problems. Now, it has been scientifically proven by a group of researchers in Denmark, that children may inherit obesity from their parents, especially from the father. A thorough research was carried out ...

Erectile Dysfunciton and a Broken Heart

Sexual problems might mean you have a broken heart, literally. Recent research has shown that erectile dysfunction might be a sign of underlying heart disease. How exactly are the two related is still a matter of investigation. The older view was that atherosclerosis (fat deposition within ...

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