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For dark spots

I have so many dark spots on my face and my skin not is uneven somewhere the skin is bright and somewhere skin is dull or dark so what can I do plzz suggest

Black line on nail

My husband has met with an accident 3 years back and it was a minor accident. The flesh beneath the toe nail was hurt and didnt bleed much.After doing the first aid he forgot about it. After some months he noticed a band of black line running straight the toe till the end of the toe. The lines grows as the toe nail grows. It is still there and It is not painfull and dont seem to change colour or size. Could any one please suggest if it is a matter of concern.

Acute utricaria

Fine lines as hives occuring.itchy.taken ivepred and teczine 10 but after completion of course again it's occurring

Blackness pimples

Sir I'm using skin lite cream for two months my skin become fair I want to stop using this cream sir how to stop

Hair fall problems

Hlw doctor I have face hair fall problems since 3 years but it is not permanent sometimes it had stop but after sometime it has been start again So I think I want use indulekha hair oil So plz tell is it useful for me

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A Better Route to Ageing

When is the right time to start taking care of your skin? Well, I would recommend it's now!Skin ageing is a complex biological process influenced by a combination of internal factors like genetics, cellular metabolism, hormone and metabolic processes and external factors like chronic ...

Get the Luscious and kissable lips

We all want luscious Angelina Jolie lips, right? Here's your route to a fuller pout.Lip enhancement is a common desire of many today. It is so because as we grow old our lips tend to lose volume. Most people get the procedure to achieve much fuller lips which are associated with youth. ...

Allergy Is a Big Systemic Problem Than Localised Disorder

Allergy is a systemic disorder with involvement of body parts at different ages with severity may vary or in between patient may be asymptomatic without any trouble from outside. But, inside allergy progress in the form of molecular level as TH2 cells go on increasing and Th1 cells which are ...

"To Be Brides" - a Message From Dermatologist.

When I write a message here for the "To be Brides", I refer to the following-1) The teenage girls who yet have to prove themselves to the world and get annoyed on their mothers for constantly advising for their health, skin and hair care.2) The girls who like to blend with the ...

Your New Year Skin Resolution

When it comes to caring for your skin, you Want to create a routine you can stick to. What’s the point in spasmodic skin care? skin care resolutions don’t have to be boring and tedious; they can be fun and interesting to.1. Go AQUAWhen you're not getting enough water,your skin ...

Dr. Janet Alexander Castelino - Dermatologist
Dr. Janet Alexander Castelino Dermatologist (MBBS, MD - Dermatology) 23 years experience Cosderma Clinic
4248 recommendations HSR Layout, Bangalore INR 500
Dr. Sachith Abraham - Dermatologist
Dr. Sachith Abraham Dermatologist (MD - Skin & VD, MBBS, Fellowship in Lasers) 24 years experience Cosmodermacare Cosmetic Dermatologist Clinic
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