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Abdomen ct scan

Does ct scan of abdomen reveal the status of adrenal glands also. Is ct with contrast is better or without contract for analysing adrenal for tumor.


My Ent surgeon refers CTPNS test. I am planning to take test tomorrow morning 9 am. Please suggest what precaution requires before test. Can I take breakfast or better to go with fasting? and shall I go to office after test? Below or my health condition. I have high bp using olmzest 20 daily. Last year Jan 2015 one week suffer with facial palsy taken medication and cured. Now suffering with nose blocking and cold. Please guide me this is simple test or any risk. Shall I take test withot fear. Please suggest shall I go morning with fasting 9 am or shall I go after brakfast bp tablet taken around 11am.

Adrenal tumor

Can we have a CT scan specifically for adrenal glands only like adrenal CT scan or do we requested to carry out whole abdomen CT scan. Does whole abdomen CT scan reveal adrenal glands in detail in order to diagnose for adrenal tumor.

Hila are prominent

X-ray report shows: both hila are prominent. Would it be considere structure fault or any other problem?

Want advise

I used to talk 2 hours per day on my mobile and I have a android phone. Is there any harm on me to access use of my phone. Please suggest me

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Dr. Ashwini M Patil - Radiologist
Dr. Ashwini M Patil Radiologist (MBBS, MD - Radio Diagnosis/Radiology) 14 years experience Ninth Month - Woman & Child Healthcare Center
358 recommendations Sahakaranagar, Bangalore
Dr. Vijayalakshmi V - Radiologist
Dr. Vijayalakshmi V Radiologist (MBBS, Diploma in Medical Radio-Diagnosis) 20 years experience Sai Ultrasound Scan Centre
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Dr. Surekha Sanjeev Managoli - Radiologist
Dr. Surekha Sanjeev Managoli Radiologist (MBBS, Diploma in Medical Radio-Diagnosis) 16 years experience Cloudnine Hospital
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Dr. Mamatha. J - Radiologist
Dr. Mamatha. J Radiologist (MBBS, Diploma in Medical Radio-Diagnosis) 23 years experience Cloudnine Fertility
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Dr. Sriya Reddy - Radiologist
Dr. Sriya Reddy Radiologist (MBBS, DNB - Radio Diagnosis) 16 years experience Hoodi Orthopaedic And Scanning Center
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