Breast Infection Treatment

It is commonly found in women who are breast-feeding. It is commonly found in women who have undergone radiation therapies, lumpectomy or have high diabetes.The condition is majorly found in the non-lactating women.

It is commonly found in women who are breast-feeding. It is commonly found in women who have undergone radiation therapies, lumpectomy or have high diabetes.The condition is majorly found in the non-lactating women. ... More

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Nt scan in pregnancy

I'm 11w 5 d pregnant... This week Nt scan is scheduled... I wanted to know if Nt scan is done abdominal or vaginal

Not sure if it is implantation bleeding

Hi there. Im really confused and i need some advice.. just going to apologise in advance for any graphic info :) but i have irregular periods. I have suffered two miscarriages in the past 2 years. First baby was at 13 weeks. (Found out at dating scan there was no heartbeat) and i had to have a pecissary to induce contractions to miscarry. As heartbeat had stopped at 8 weeks. Second baby i naturally miscarried at 7 weeks. And now according to ovulation calculator online i ovulated on 12th may. Me and my partner had unprotected sex on that day and also every other day around that time. I was due to Implant on the 20th may. I started getting mild cramps and headaches on the 19th may and also i have really sensitive breasts. I had really light brownish discharge for one day and then moderate heavyness with red blood for 2 days then it was light brown again on the last day so in total 4 days. Usually i have a really heavy period for 5-6 days of unbearable cramps. Could i be pregnant?

Thretened abortion

I am wanting a kind suggestion  that is it possible to recover from threatened abortion and give a normal birth ? since my Dr. said me that I have to wait more three weeks for an another USG and confirm because I am now 7 weeks 5 days pregnant and the first USG on 26.05.2017 showed "a G.S like structure with echogenic rim without any echo". I also noticed some brown blood 3 times on 25.5.17, 3 times on 26.5.17 and till today no sign of blood. From second week of my pregnancy,I had suffered several abdominal pain , back pain. My Dr. also suggested that if heavy blood come or heavy pain notice , attend Hospital on emergency.                   My Doctor  is not very friendly and do not talk with me details. I visited three times to him and each time he gave me only 2-5 minutes.                     I could not understand What I do now in this situation? I now suffered from emotional break down. I need a proper guidance.

Brown color bleeding after one week

I and my girlfriend had a sex for a first time of our life, and after sex she take a I pill, now she said there is a brown color of bleeding from her vagina, it's a pregnancy or something else??

When will i get the periods

After taking unwanted 72 I got vaginal yeast infection within 3/4 days and now 10 days passed but periods didn't came. Last time I got the periods on 1/05/2017. Is it a sign of pregnancy. Can I move for a pregnancy test...??? And will my periods come..?? And if m pregnant then can I go for abortion pills...??

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Freezing Sperm(india Ivf Clinic Noida,vasant Kunj Delhi,gurgaon)

Freezing spermBefore you begin chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment, your sperm can be frozen and stored until you wish to start a family. Even if the sperm profile is poor, as is common during times of illness, it is usually possible to store sufficient sperm for use in IVF in the ...

Swell With Pride- Pregnancy and Weight Gain!

This thought struck my mind(the mind remaining the same volume and size since so many years;-)). after investing  energy and time in the blockbuster movie of the year BAHUBALI on seeing the pregnant queen who was beaming with happiness and pride and the caption came from a calender in our ...

Common Cause of Infertility in Females(india Ivf Clinic Noida,vasant Kunj Delhi,gurgaon)

Common Cause of Infertility in FemalesFor pregnancy to occur, every part of the complex human reproduction process has to take place just right. The steps in this process are as follows:One of the two ovaries releases a mature egg.The egg is picked up by the fallopian ...

Your Egg Reserve(india Ivf Clinic Noida,vasant Kunj Delhi,gurgaon)

Your Egg ReserveOvarian Reserve Testing – AMHFemales are born with approximately 1 million eggs and this number declines with age through natural attrition and ovulation but , the rate at which a woman can ‘lose’ eggs during her reproductive life varies greatly from ...

Diagnostic Tests- Females(india Ivf Clinic Noida,vasant Kunj Delhi,gurgaon)

Diagnostic tests- FemalesWe provide testing for fertility by all modalities ranging from reproductive hormones to diagnostic ultrasound to ascertain the cause. It is advisable that we make you undergo these tests before your final treatment/ plan of management is started.Blood ...

Dr. Shobha Venkat - Gynecologist/Obstetrician
Dr. Shobha Venkat Gynecologist/Obstetrician (DNB - Obstetrics & Gynecology, DGO, MBBS) 25 years experience Cloudnine Hospital
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Dr. Basavaraj  Devarashetty - Gynecologist/Obstetrician
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Dr. Suman Singh Gynecologist/Obstetrician (MBBS, MD - Obstetrics & Gynaecology, FGO) 18 years experience Cloudnine Hospital
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Dr. Reshu Saraogi - Gynecologist/Obstetrician
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