Back Pain Treatment

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Stand straight

Sir any excericse for my body pain from my hip to leg joint and backbone not straight and my stomach is not straight

Back ache problem

I have a back bone ache in lower part from last few months now its paining too much

Constant jaw pain

I have been feeling this jaw pain since last 4 years. I had gone through rct in last tooth 3 times and then bridge was placed. It created pain in jaw and near my right ear. I have taken plenty of medicines but it is not healed.

ACL Injury

I had an ACL stretch three months ago, and I went throug physiotherapy since it wasn't a tear. My swelling had reduced then and the pain was reducing. However, my swelling has gone up again and the pain has increased comparatively. I am not sure what I should do in order to reduce the swelling as I am aware that the pain is because of the swelling around the joint. I have been cycling and running since past few weeks as advised by my Physio.

Decrease space l5 s1

Have been experiencing severe pain in lower back while getting up. Cannot stand or work for long hours. X-ray report for lumbar spine shows following diagnosis; 1) Mid lumbar levo scoliosis 2) Reduction of L5-S1 disc space 3) Generalized osteopenia 4) Marginal osteophystes at few vertebral levels