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I've been suffering from tenosynovitis for about 7 months. Had a lot of anti inflammatory tabs, ultra sound therapy, immobilization for a while, physiotherapy and so on. but no reduction in pain. I doubt if it is just a mental construct. Should a consult a psychiatrist or psychologist?

Burning sensation around left shoulder

I had a slap lesion and was rectified via surgery an year ago. Now I get burning sensation all the time around my shoulder. What could be the issue ?

Headache once in a while

I was elbowed on the top left of my face during a basketball game. I want to know if it requires stitches

Pain in shoulder

Hi Sir/ Madam, One of my friend pulled my hand very that same time I got a serious pain in my the by I didn't get swelling but when I am going to rotate my hand for excercise ...I am feeling there is pain...can u please suggest me for further ?

Back pain while standing and sitting.

Fracture of d11 vertebral with partial collpase, anterior wedging and fracture line extending into the posterior elements involving the pedical and padiculo laminar complex on either side (L R) and bilateral transverse processes. Mild spinal canal narrowing at this level (mid sagittal diameter 11 mm). Mild facetal distraction seen at D11-D12 level, more on righr side. Fracture in the right transverse process of D12 vertebra.