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Glaucoma problem ( initial stage)

Dear Sir recently my sister got checked her eye at centre for sight and found glaucoma (initial stage) with high pressure according to doctor ( 22/32 pressure in report). Doctor suggested laser treatment.i want to know that should I take second opinion, should I take yoga treatment for this??

Homepathic treatment for Inguinal hernia

Is there a homeopathic treatment for inguinal hernia in Male. I was told by an expert doctor to undergo a mechanical repair (surgery). i am averse to a surgery at this moment.

Migraine during morning.

I'm getting twice a week, when i get up in the morning get this vomiting feeling and one side headache that will drag till evening until i consume 1pc Caffox and 1pc simplex.

Left hand fingers & thumb

My left hand lifts a little bit while walking n d fingers n thumb of land hand not working so perfectly after my traumatic brain injury dat is due to car accident in July 2014

Treatment of retina

Sir I have retina problem in one eye since two years now I have blind i can only watch like shadow around my eye I consult many retina specialist but all say there is no treatment of this now I want to know that can retina transplant surgery possible and also tell me if you have any treatment thanks

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Is Hypnosis Natural?

Hypnosis is natural & universal human trait. 100% of the population experience it in some form or another on a daily basis.  It may even be that we live most, if not all, of our lives in various trance states, an idea suggested by the psychotherapist Stephen Wolinsky in his book Trances ...

Guilt, Is It Really Negative?

Guilt is a cognitive or an emotional experience that occurs when a person realizes or believes — accurately or not — that he or she has compromised his or her own standards of conduct or has violated a moral standard, and bears significant responsibility for that violation.Simply put, ...

What Is Hypnosis?

When we talk about hypnosis we often tend to be either talking about the relaxed, focused, absorbed feelings associated with a 'trance state', or we tend to be talking about the interesting things people can do when hypnotised: such as not feeling pain, or ...

Spices & Condiments

Indian spices have excellent healing properties and useful in weight management. Regular use of every condiment in daily cooking helps to correct blood biochemistry. Anemia, thalassemia, insomnia are possible to improve with spices & condiments. The quantity, form and combination is ...

Do You Need a Breast Pump?

Often when I meet new mothers who are facing problems with breastfeeding, I observe that they have already purchased a breast pump, but find it either ineffective or painful to use. Should all new mothers be buying breast pumps? The answer is NO. You do not need a breast pump if your baby is ...