Anal Fissure Surgery

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Clinical report about sto

Can someone help me understand this pic as my friend had severe stomach pain and acid reflexes and nausea

Ghee with milk

Can I take ghee with milk "daily" for "constipation". I have very weak digestion and heavy food cause diarrhea. I have lost a lot weight and becoming weak. I had all the tests done, taken all the medicines possible(alopathe, Ayurvedic, homeopathic) and didn't see any improvement. Please answer.

Liver tuberculosis

My mother finished her pulmonary tuberculosis treatment in may after taking medicine for 13 months. Since last 15 days she is having uneasiness in stomach, gas and 3-4 loose motion per day. Despite medicines it's not getting better. Her doctor suggested to take gold TB test as he is suspecting liver TB. Please suggest what needs to be done. She has no other symptoms

Cronic Pancreatitc pan

Sir my wife suffer in Cronic Pancreatitc pan in 3 years please help me And provide me in correct suggestions.

Always buring stomach

I always fell thirsty even drinking 5 liter of water daily and also buring felling in stomachs. I use to satbol but when I take it .it give some relief but when leave it .it continue .. even I am not eating any spices food. Still felling bad ... So regards me what's should I do in this case . I gave to go 3-4 time stool in daily....

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Recovering After Weight Loss Surgery

To let your stomach heal, you will be advised a liquid diet as it isn’t advisable for you to eat for the first few days following Bariatric Surgery. You will very slowly transition back to solid foods. Your calorie consumption will be much less of what it used to be, and your diet will be ...

Gallstone Disease More Prevalent in North India

Gallstone disease (cholelithiasis) has increasingly become a major cause of abdominal pain and discomfort in the developing world.  Its occurrence has been found to be high (7.4%) in the adult population in the cities of Chandigarh and New Delhi in North India, which is interestingly seven ...

What to Expect After Weight Loss Surgery ?

How long will I be in the hospital? How long does it take to recuperate?Most patients are admitted to the hospital on the morning of surgery, remain in the hospital for two or three days and require between two and six weeks to recuperate before returning to work, depending upon ...

Fistula in Ano - Basics Facts

Fistula IN AnoIt occurs due to hard stool, while passing through anal canal, sits in to anal gland and anal gland gets infection.Infected anal gland turns in to pus formation..called perianal abscess...When this abscess pus  finds abnormal tract to skin other than ...

Haemorrhoides, The Fear Factor

Once a patient witnesses blood passing through his own body i.e. in stools, it is the most scary part in his/her life.Immediately through his limited hear-say knowledge he self diagnoses to be 'Suffering ' from haemorrhoides / Piles.And the doors of hell open up in his mind. He ...