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Constant stomach ache

I have stomach ache every time i eat food and it subsides itself after sometime. i also feel quite weak and energy less.

Indigestion over a week

I had 6 loosemotions for 2 days ,8 days back, I vomited out 2 times in 3 hours, I took ondansetron one tablet, I dint eat for 18 hours, i was fine. Then after 2 days i had indigestion again with normal food, dal and rice, roti.. I vomited a lot and had 1 loose motion I took 4 ondansetron 4mg tablets every 6 hours I was fine again , but i had bloating, burping, and gas more than usual a day for 3 days, again i vomited yesterday , i dint eat anything for 16 hours again, i was fine, I ate 5 roti and curry today for lunch, and dinner 1 roti with curry, I vomited again.. Should i go see a doctor?


My brother was suffering from stomach ache and indigestion a week before and complained that his stool as greenish in colour. when we consulted a doctor he gave some tests. the test report indicated that my brothers liver was 14.9 cm long which is abut 4 cm larger than the actual size. The USG report also highlighted that he was having enlarged spleen. He suffers from indigestion many times.

Regular Heart Burn

Hi, I am regularly observing heartburn. Not sure if it because of acid re-flux. Earlier I used to take a Ocid 20 in 2-3 days but starting December 2016 I am taking it daily in morning (empty stomach). I have limited tea intake, spicy & oily food but problem seems chronic. Please advice. Thanks

Stomach bloating and Anxiety

Since from 4 years I'm facing lot of stomach problem. 4 years back it all started with full liquid and mucous type of loose motions at that time I use to take Ciflox OZ or Norflox OZ on my own whenever loose motion occurred and it used to cure the problem for short period ( 2 to 3 months) . This continued for 1 year . In 2 nd year I got stomach burning and acid reflux Doctor gave Rabiprazole -D for 1 - 2 months . The burning sensation completely solved but only in early morning. BUt in 2 and 3 year I got new problem of extreme burping nearly 10 - 20 after I eat meals. Along with stomach discomfort and somtime prickling pain.The stomach bloats immediately after I take meals Again Doctor gave me Zenflox -oz , unienzyme, beselac pb , meftal spasm, Aristozyme .unienzyme and Aristozyme helped a lot for bloatingZenfloax -oz works super I feel complete normal in stomach after taking this Zenfloax -oz , But entire problem re occurs after stopping Zenflox -OZ.

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