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Dark spot and pimples on legs

My legs having dark pimples and they are increasing day by day. Also forming dark spots. My doctor suggested T bact oinment. Due to dark spots I am unable to wear shorts.


Hello my name is Devaki. I am a tsw profile. When i stop applying creams i have lots of acne. I consult a doctor. Initially she treated me with dome medicine after that she reffered me some chemical peels. But now acne is controlled still i have pigmentation on my forehead, undereyes and lip area. My skin is very sensitive. The doctor applied peel on my area  neck part also. It turns pigmentation on my neck also. She suggest me to use sabi glow and moisturizer. Its been 3monthsam using sabi glow. I didnt feel any difference on pigmentation. My doctor reffered me to take laser for pigmrntation. Can anyone suggest me which laser is best to even out my skin. Is there any possibilities to overcone pigmentation without laser.

White patches on face

White patches on the face She is eight years old With in one month patches are increasing Please suggest us for better treatment

Itching on body

I have itching on my body which causes red patches, it seems as allergy. Please suggest me what to do?

Huge amount of acne and visible pores

I have extreme breakouts and also visible pores what can i do to treat it. I am currently taking peelng treatment from doctor

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8 Ways to Use Multani Mitti for Skin and Hair

Multani mitti is the most natural skin care product and can provide great benefit to the skin when applied in correct manner.Here are 8 ways in which you can use Multani mitti -Dry skin- mix with fresh cream/ malai and chandan ( sandalwood powder) and apply for 20 minutes, ...

"To Be Brides" - a Message From Dermatologist.

When I write a message here for the "To be Brides", I refer to the following-1) The teenage girls who yet have to prove themselves to the world and get annoyed on their mothers for constantly advising for their health, skin and hair care.2) The girls who like to blend with the ...

Permanent Laser Hair Reduction- Is It for Me ?

Such advertisements make you curious? Lets know all about it !Hello !It tickles your curiosity when you read or hear about permanent freedom from waxing and shaving by the use of Laser. To bridge the awareness gap, in this article i have tried to answer all the questions that ...

Pimple/Acne: Fight It Right

This is possible Now !!What is Acne?Both males and females suffer from acne. Acne means a condition when you have blackheads, whiteheads (small white bumps on skin giving uneven look), pimples that may eventually lead to pus-filled painful large pimples that leave marks and scars ...

Your Ultimate Guide to Korean Beauty -

DRDANIELCHANG.COM Dr Daniel Chang reviews existing Korean treatments and protocols and shares his unbiased insight. 1) Injectibles. Fillers. Botox:  Nose, chin, temple, cheeks, laugh line, jawline, undereye Fillers, botox, micro botox, Threadlifts, skinboostersFillers, and a ...