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Excessive yawning

For last few days, I am having a problem of excessive yawning. I could not sleep well in last couple of months due to work pressure. Feeling pain in eyes. Want to sleep but not able to do so.

Feel sleeping always

These days every time I am feeling sleeping even I took good sleep..and some time I feel I need sleep on very quick notes

Feequent naps

I frequently doze off while I am at work or in meetings, even when I travel via public transports I doze off. I am unable to control my sleep. Some night I sleep well still I feel sleepy during daytime, and some nights I am not able to sleep again sleepy next day.

Lack of sleep

My name is Sanit Mukherjee, I have been working in a call centre at night shift.. From some day I have suffering from lack of sleep. I tried a lot to sleep but can't. Hardly 4 to 5 hour I can sleep in a day, that's the reason I feel sleepy every time. I feel a slide pain surround my head and eyes.

Sleep disorder

When I wake up from sleep I see many blackspots near to bulb.Also I have excessive day time sleepiness.I cant concenteate in class because I feel sleepy.should I consult a doctor.