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Lips corners cracked

Crack on the corners of lips from last 2 months. I'm taking B complex suppliments and drinking a lot of water but still no big relief I got

Scalp scabs

I have these scabs on my scale and sometimes they burn or sometimes they itch but my head never bleeds and sometimes when I run my fingers over the area I can feel something moist but it’s not blood

Fungal infection

Respected D.r    , I am suffering from ringworm . I taken treatment from skin specialist , he advised me by giving ointment  named AFSERTA which is Gary product , when I am applying in that position where is my ringworm lies , in that time its ( ringworm) not irritating me , even if I don't apply ointment for a single day,  then again it's irritating me with itching . I have this problem since 2 years. But it's nerve spread anywhere. When I consulted doctor , he said me it's a fungal infection. Ringworm lies at position of south of my buttocks. Please help me Dr to get out from this problem , I will be very thankful to you.

Hair growth

Sir i have 23years old i have heavy hairloss daily what can i do if we use hair 4u f hw many days it ill be regrowth my hair

Hair regrowth after scalp infection.

Hii. Mine was vaccum assisted normal delivery. After 2 days of my delivery I realised that she has three blister sort of thing on her head. On reporting it to the doctor, we were told that it's Cephalhematoma. It's four months now and the blisters are gone after getting dried but whole skin from that area is also gone along with the hair. Now I am worried about the hair regrowth. Doctors told that it will get cured on it's own. What should I do ?

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Ultra Violetindex More Than 11 – How You Suffer

We are currently in the middle of the summer season. The excessive heat coupled with pollution, dirt, dust and the harmful ultraviolet radiation of the sun can cause considerable damage to the skin. Exposure to the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun leads to a condition called aspolymorphic ...

Skin Infections and How to Beat Them

It’s that time of theyear again when the heat gets the better of you. With changes in theenvironment over the years we have been facing harsh seasons be it themonsoons, winter and the most dreaded summer. Its very important for usto keep ourselves free of common fungal and bacterial infections ...

How to Keep Your Skin Healthy During Summer - 5 Summer Skin Care Tips.

1. Keep yourself hydrated First thing first- “Drink lots of water.” Yes, we know we lose a lot of water through sweating in summers. With the loss of water, we also loose a great amount of skin moisture, so it’s important to regularly replenish our body water by it drinking a ...

Introducing Pre-Bridal Skin Services

Transform into a radiant bride you always dreamt of being. No one is immune to tricky skin conditions, not even a bride. On your wedding day, banish all thoughts of fine lines, acne, dark spots and unwanted hair with our state-of-the-art laser technology to make you picture-perfect on your big ...

What’s Going on With Your Skin?

As teenagers, a common wish we have is that by the time you’re in your 20’s and 30’s, acne is no longeryour pesky tenant. In a world where 85 % of people have experienced acne, we all can relate to thatsinking moment when you wake up and a bright, new friend is staring back at you, ...

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