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Partially empty sella

I have dizziness for last 4 months which gradually increases and pressure around the eye and difficulty in eye Movements.. under gone MRI brain scan last week and impression is Partially empty sella... is that the reason ? How can I overcome?

Which doctor

I have multiple thoughts and forget fullness which type of docter should I prefer to go ? Neurologist or psychiatrist ?

Jerk to head while waking up

Hi, 3 days ago, while waking up, I felt a sudden jerk or twist on the left side of back of the head. It felt as if I pulled or twisted a nerve. It lasted for 2-3 second. I feel mild pressure in the left side of the head. But from a day I feel the pressure coming and going and I feel very irritated and nauseated. Is this something serious? Or is it just like pulling a nerve on the leg?

Clot in brain

On 26th of aug,2019 night my father age 65 ,got partially unconsious.he had sweating and feel numbness in body.after 4-5 minutes he felt relaxed.Next day this happened again 2 times and it was more critical. We went to the hospital and doctor admitted him to the ICU and did CT Scan,ECG,X-ray of back side (chest) and other tests and find few lacunar infarcts in bilateral ganglio-capsular regions and diffuse cerebral antrophy(age related).After 2-3 hours of treatment in ICU he felt good.Doctor(Neurologist) said that he is completely fine but would admitted in ICU for 2 days.He dischared after 2 days and Doctor gives "nervimed" and "aspirin-75" medicines for 10 days.His ECG report is normal,X-ray report is normal.No blood sugar and BP is normal.No HIV and hemoglobin is 17.4. Please advice me the risk factor and the chances of problem again in future.What should be the diet(what take and what not take) and medicines.

For epilepsy

For my 8 year old son ritvik Fits are coming. I want to use homeopaty. Please suggest us the best doctor