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Two days back I have watched a YouTube video. Since then, it is disturbing me a lot .unable to concentrate on other works. Always am remembering it.

Depression anxiety and guilt

How to deal with feeling of guilt? Example you have hurt someone with your words because the other person has always hurt with their behaviour towards you? How to come out of such situation as early as possible when the friendship is finally over.

Depression and anxiety

My doctor had prescribed fluvoxamine 25 in morning, pexep cr 12.5 and amixide h in night, and sulpitac 25mg at night, does this medication is ok for treating depression, my heart palpilate sometimes nd mind get dull. Is because of medicine its happening..?

Sleeping disorder and anxiety

Having sleeping disorder and panic attacks even after taking petril MD 0.25 and tryptomer 25 mg. I have been taking these medicines from last 20 days however it is not helping me....

Less appetite

Due to high stress level, poor diet, no exercise and loniless my immune system become poor. please suggest some tips and healthy light cheap diet and some other tips over loniless because I live in a world where I live lonely and I have no friends even my roommates are not familiar to me.