Upper Gastro Intestinal Surgery

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Sir my bilrublin total is 2'4 sgpt 170,sgot 218 I m a regular drinker please give suggestion I m taking udilv300 please give suggestion

External piles problem

I have external piles problem because of this whenever i go to washroom i start bleeding and pain and it's even  more painful when I'm on my periods... What should I do to get rid of this pain and bleeding

Acid reflux and heartburn

I am suffering from continuous heartburn due to acid reflux. It's causing burning sensation in my heart and throat. Please help

Early digestion

Dear sir Just I need information and I want to share u my life style details . As I observe I will do my morning breakfast chapati or rice at 9am any one daily routine .after doing this breakfast hardly in 3 hours am getting motion .and again my stomach becoming hungry by 1230pm. Again I do lunch at 3pm but again by 6pm I getting motion .so pls advice as per my query my digestion is good or not . After lunch am getting stomach bloating for hour or 2 your than it's auto decreasing . I never take outside food home food only I eat .thanks

Fissure or fistula

Hi doctor, two years back I suffered with fissure but now I am facing the same problem from last two weeks but symptoms are looking different .I am getting pus from just beside my anus .is it fistula? Or fissure only? Plz suggest proper treatment to me