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My baby has skin rashes

Hi doctor my 11th old son has skin rashes on his leg . Attaching the pics plz let me know what it's

Pores on the skin.

Hi, I have pores on my face near cheek bones. Please suggest some remedy. It looks ugly. Can this be made smoother?

Black spots by psoriasis.

Hello all, I have psoriasis from last 6 years. I am taking medication every month and psoriasis is under control. But the thing is there are black spots on my entire body(mainly on stomach and back) which are resulted due to psoriasis. They are not going out, i am taking peel treatment for the same for every 30 days. Till date I sat for 5 Times, but no change in that black spots. Each time i paid 5k for that. But no result. Please tell me is peel treatment is effective for black spots or am i wasting money or is there any better treatment for the same. Thanks in advance.

I had haire fall

I had hair fall and thining hair my hair's and I had hair fall from 2 years my age is 18 years and my hair root are paining and my hair are week from roots and in fallen hair ace type Stick on the root of the haire and I used gels when haire fall start I stop yousing I want solution

I have an hair fall

I have an hair fall my haire roots are paning when I try to spike my hair's  hair root potion of fallen haire look like acne stick on root of hair