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Ear is clean but feels like blocked,

My ears feels blocked like the one which happens when u r on flight. And i feel that i cant hear properly

Something in my throat

I feel like something is there in my throat... I feel like there is some blockage in my throat... I feel heavy... And at times I feel like something is moving in my throat... Today I saw a long black thing when I open my mouth it was on the wall of my throat... As I swallowed it kept changing shape... And as I drank water it went away... What is it... Please help me... Please

Can ent doctor detect ear cancer

I recently have ear blocked and pain which was not contant ,pains comes and go I went to ent doctor he eximine me and said it's due to cold and cough which I had one week before and nothing else I am sacred I read in google that blocked ear is a sign of ear cancer what should I do as my doctor didn't siad me anything

Atrophic rhinitis

I have a problem of recurrent heavy nose issues Bad smell coming from nose Deviated nasal septum Sneezing Heavy nose and head

White spot in the back of throat with pa

For the past two days I had pain while swallowing and i noticed a white spot(like a pimple with puss) I had trouble swollowing and yawning. But the pain has reduced today I don't feel much pain while swallowing just a mind pain, but the white spot is still there. I don't understand what is it and how it can be treated.