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Faomy urine

I noticed foamy urine from few months and i have did kidney function test and urine test urine test is normal and in kft serum cretine is 1.34 is anything to worry and i have dont scanning in scanning it shows mild right kidney pelvicalyceal system and garde 1 prostatomalagy i have just back pain thats no other system

Frequent urination

Hi this is 28m...for a long time I'm having this frequent urination problem when I drink more water.. I have tested for diabetics and other major iSSUES but everything is normal.. Pls help

Kidney stone

There is 6 mm kidney stone in distal end of the left ureter just proximal to uretrovesical junc- tion. Doctor is saying for surgery uretroscopy. So I want to know should I do surgery or it can cure through medicine. I attached CT report. Now r days I m not living in india. I live kuwait. Pls doctor suggest me which procedure is good.

Calculus of ureter 5.5 - 7 mm near uvj

Hi, calculus of arnd 5.5-7 mm stuck in lower ureter at uv junction left side from last 12 months. No obstruction and no pain, completely normal flow of urine. Only pain observed at the time of diagnosis 12 months back when it moved down to lower ureter. After that never experienced any pain whatsoever. Right now under medications under homeopathy and ayurveda. Took course of urimax 0.4 for a month. Drinking 3-4 litres of water every day. Nothing changes on every scan. Always same report comes up. How to get rid of this stone naturally ? rgds Saurabh

Dialysis for non -IP

Can any private hospital in delhi do dialysis for non IP patients? This question is for my uncle who's planning to come to Delhi for official visit