Health Q&A
Menstrual cycle

Want to delay my menstrual cycle as We are going on a tirth yatra. My due date is 30 th and my trip also starts from 30th of this month

Pain in breast

My wife have pain in breast. She feels this pain just 10 or12 before menstruation. Left breast have more pain than right one. We have gone to doctor and she has given us vitamin e medicine and we got xray of breast but it was normal. So why this pain is continued every month and what                             should we do for it

After ceserian delivery

I had ceserian in 34 weeks on 14th September after that I'm having severe headache what is the medicine I shud take I already have lenses

Abortion pill required

Abortion pill which are available online. Please suggest name of tablet.

Discharge after delivery

I had c-section on 18th aug. It's fifth week running and still I am having discharge. Though the colour keeps on changing, from yellow, brown, pinkish. Is there anything to worry? Do I need to take any precaution?