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Chest is paining

Hi , I'm suffering from lung infection , two year ago i had tuberculosis and took one year medication for same.and  I'm smoker also but quit it from last 5-6 month . Now from five to six day my chest is paining . I have done CT scan also,but nothing had came. So suggest me what to do next beacuse it's paining. Please help me!!

Breathing problem

Hello doctor my mother is 52 yrs aged suffering with breathing problem since last 2 years. Not that much serious but she is feeling uncomfortable all of sudden what is the problem how to daignose this problem permanantly?

Cough mire than 2weeks

My mom 63 got cough more than 2 weeks.first pain is exptreme and much amount of muscus now some relief but cough still but on periodic basis. Still having muscus and have cough. Need some advice.

Hello Dr. plss tell me regarding this

Can anyone tell me what is this I'm suffering from pain in this area jha pr red red ho rha h plsss reply and khaana mooh se bhaar aata h bhut and gale m kch kharaash si lgti h har time plsss reply

Testing for TB

Is it a good idea to get tested for TB each year so that it can be detected early on? Is it possible to have active TB without any symptom?