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Major intracranial flow voids preserved

My father is a heart patient.he has pain on left side of head.Today he started stammering suddenly and  his mouth(lips) gets tilted to right . What can be reason. major intracranial flow voids preserved What does it mean?

Should i drink beer ?

I daignosed before seizure fits and doctor gave medicine course 2 year and still i m taking morning and night oxring 300 i want to know should drink beer?

Jerk to head while waking up

Hi, 3 days ago, while waking up, I felt a sudden jerk or twist on the left side of back of the head. It felt as if I pulled or twisted a nerve. It lasted for 2-3 second. I feel mild pressure in the left side of the head. But from a day I feel the pressure coming and going and I feel very irritated and nauseated. Is this something serious? Or is it just like pulling a nerve on the leg?

For epilepsy

For my 8 year old son ritvik Fits are coming. I want to use homeopaty. Please suggest us the best doctor

Severe headache

I am getting sever headache from last few days,  done eye checkup no problem findings in that. Doctor said it's symptoms of Migraine please help me for the further treatment.