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Persistent sore throat

I am having a sore throat ( scratchy throat ) with left tonsil swallon for 2 months. I got sore throat worse when I was talking or reading and after eating. While sleeping no issue with that. I tried antibiotics prescribed by ENT doctor But no result I got constipation So give me a solution

Sore Throat

I usually have sore throat, which get worse under AC. I avoid cold water, cold beverages, ice creams still it doesn't get better.

Feels like Fewerish but temperature seem

Feels like fewerish and always tired sleepy. Sometimes night the throat feels dry. Don't get sleep night and mornings are like hell, sleeping for one hour I. Day time feels like full sleep was there. Please suggest.

Pain in and around ear

Severe pain in and around both the ears. I have taken ear drops and a medicine named Reaction-100 SR still pain persists. What should I do now?

White spot in the back of throat with pa

For the past two days I had pain while swallowing and i noticed a white spot(like a pimple with puss) I had trouble swollowing and yawning. But the pain has reduced today I don't feel much pain while swallowing just a mind pain, but the white spot is still there. I don't understand what is it and how it can be treated.