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Health Q&A
Help for kids speaking problem

I have 2.9 years son. He is not responding to his name. Also not talking any meaningful word. I can’t understand what to do. Few people telling wait till 3 years, few telling check with neurologist & few telling for speech therapist.. pls guide

Should i drink beer ?

I daignosed before seizure fits and doctor gave medicine course 2 year and still i m taking morning and night oxring 300 i want to know should drink beer?

Jerk to head while waking up

Hi, 3 days ago, while waking up, I felt a sudden jerk or twist on the left side of back of the head. It felt as if I pulled or twisted a nerve. It lasted for 2-3 second. I feel mild pressure in the left side of the head. But from a day I feel the pressure coming and going and I feel very irritated and nauseated. Is this something serious? Or is it just like pulling a nerve on the leg?

Burning sensation on brain

Chronic infarcts in left lentifo ucleus CT scan found Gall bladder contacted sonography report My mother admitted hospital with headache heart pain and bp 240 in ICU . After 10 days they release diogonosis with htn emergency. Doc say all are ok and all report are normal . Medicine prescribe tab stamlo , tan atorva , tab pan d , dupphalac syp , alprax tab , a to z tab.this time mom is ok But after 14 day check up they they diogonosis htn + old CVA . and prescribe tab cilacar, tab ecosprine av ,tab albendazole for 3days, tab pan d . Dupphalac Syp, that time mom head feel burning sensation and uncomfortable and low chest pain How to do

Disc dispose

Hello sir,Madam My MRI report impression is Degenerative disc disease having osteophytes, disc desiccation, disc prolapse causing compromisation of lateral recesses and neural foramina. Please suggest my problem and specialist for the same