Health Q&A
Diabetic problem

I having diabetic problem for last five years. Now I'm taking Volix trio 1 tablet in morning and night before meal and Glypten 20mg in afternoon after meal. I didn't take taking any vitamin tablet along with this. So pls suggest me did I need to take any vitamin tablet. If it is need pls suggest me some tablets.

Irregular period

Should I visit endocrinologist or gynecologist for irregular period? Since last three months my periods are getting delayed and pimples break out on my face has increased drastically.

Weight loss management

Hi I'm diagnosed with TYPE 1 diabetes at the age of 16years and recently (2 years)diagnosed with hypothyroidism and my current weight is 76kgs and my insulin dosages are 80units per day along with thyronorm-50mg and I have put on 16kgs in a year after diagnosed with hypothyroidism and I have tried gymming but my sugar levels went above 300 after gymming and doctor suggested me not to do gymming and I'm even feeling tired and my blood pressure is also high and I also grade 1 fatty liver please help me out thank you

What food to eat for sugar control

Hello, My mother is having sugar level 240 and Blood pressure 180 how to control it to come to normal. What fruit to eat can she eat banana,pomogranete

Consuming ACV

Can I take acv for my weight management? I'm taking thyrox 37.5 early in the morning in empty stomach. So when can I take ACV?