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Depression and anxiety

My doctor had prescribed fluvoxamine 25 in morning, pexep cr 12.5 and amixide h in night, and sulpitac 25mg at night, does this medication is ok for treating depression, my heart palpilate sometimes nd mind get dull. Is because of medicine its happening..?

Sleeping disorder and anxiety

Having sleeping disorder and panic attacks even after taking petril MD 0.25 and tryptomer 25 mg. I have been taking these medicines from last 20 days however it is not helping me....


Hello sir/mam i am on PAROXETINE 12.5: week 4.:for my anxiety issues. earlier i was prescribed FLUOXETINE, SERTRALINE, VENELAFAXINE, ESCITALOPRAM but none of them suited me, now i am on PAROXETINE ,my problem is i feel sleepy all the time (it started after PAROXETINE) it's affecting my studies so any solution how can i avoid these issues #sleepy# lazy etc thanks

Anti depressants

I have been taking anti depressant bupropion since 15 days adviced by a psychiatrist .. intially 75 mg ( half of tablet)was started for intial five days thn increased to 150 mg .. now i was facing palpitations sweating anxiety headaches dizziness so i decided to taper off in consultation with an online certified psychiatrist . so i took 75 mg for four days and tapered off.. as phyiscal issues outweigh positive outcome of this medicine I decided to stop it by tapering it off. My question is will i face any withdrawal symptoms or anything like that. my age is 28 years unmarried female.

Attentio deficit hyperactivity disorder

My medicine inspiral sr improved my adhd symptoms on the first day but on the second day i noticed no improvement.every symptom that i knew would return.why is this happening?why is the medicine working only for 1 day and remaining days dosent work?