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Sinus treatment

I'm suffering from sinus pains since 2014. i need treatment and solution in homeopathic or others which is better.

Right Knee injury

Had a bike skid 45 days back, got the knee injury and took rest for a week. With consult of near by General physician medicines used for two weeks Knee pain cured 90 to 95 percent, able to waik and able to bend knee properply. But was unable to sit down (especially unable to use knee down usable wash rooms) and stand immediately due pain a lot in knee. And now a week back again fell down from a height chair/stool and got hurt to same knee (swelling and pain regained). So had MRI scan for my right knee joint, attached the report to this query. In report it is said, ACL complete tear 18mm gap seen, which I want to cure without surgery. Can this be cured without any surgery in homeopathy, Please thoroughly go through it and please provide your valuable detailed suggestions.

Vitamin D deficiency dad had Vitamin D deficiency,because of which his knees joints pain a lot when he walks...we also took treatment for it..but now that the treatment is over he is suffering from pain again whenever he walks or climbs stairs.. Can you please consult some effective and safe homeopathic solution?

Skin tone problem

Hello sir , I always wanted to be fair but my skin tone is yellowish. I am worried about it . I need an easy and a permanent way to get rid of it . I will be very much thankful if you will help me . Please Suggest me how to fair my colour . Thank you Thank you :)

Not conceiving

I want to ask weather homeopathy work in infertility treatment to balance hormone. i m trying to conceive from last 3 year but my follicles i not developing My AMH level is 11.3 & Fsh level is normal but DR. gives me HMG injection for month but result in both the ovaries MsF & he is telling ill give Fsh in injection from this month.

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Positional Cervical Spondilitis.

Dear Readers,With advanced technology, habits of living in comfort zones have given birth to aches and pain in nape of our neck.We use wrong postures while watching T.V,working on desktops,laptops and mobiles for long hours.Unknowingly we are producing harm to our own body and ...

Tip of the Day - for Dipping Mercury Levels!

Dear Readers,This tip could be of help to you or your near dear ones.Winter Coryza (Cold): Sneezing,running nose,watery discharge from nose is most common complaint in children and adults in winters.Health Tip: Take appx 30-40 ml water,add 6to10 fresh tulsi leaves ,boil the ...

Yes!! It Is Depression and There Is a Way Out!

Depression is a disorder of major public health importance, in terms of its prevalence and the suffering, dysfunction,morbidity, and economic burden. Depression is more common in women than men. Each year, between 30 and 40 people per 100,000 Indians aged between 15 and 29  are affected by ...

Chikungunya – Homeopathic Prevention and Management------

 The name is peculiar: Chikungunya. It comes from an African tribe and means “that which bends up”. The disease was given its name because it led to the affected persons walking in a stooped posture. Chikungunya Fever is a viral disease caused by Chikungunya virus and is transmitted to ...

Navratri Diet

Each year Hindus all over the world religiously fast for nine days twice in a year. This fasting period is recognized as Navratri Vrat by North Indians. The perception that substituting roti (carbohydrate) with endless servings of vrat ka khana, characterized by fried potatoes, sabudana papads, ...

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