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I am facing problem of derealization. Smoking of weed caused it. It has been more than 2 years. Can i get back to normal. Is there any solution in homeopathy for it?

To get clear skin.

Hello,I have some pimples n acne marks on my face.i do not want small holes to occur because of pimples on my face. I want my skin to be always clear n tight.So pls tell me what to do,eat, treatment n anything that can make my skin clear...I hope for a favorable response. Thank you

Fungal infection

I am suffering from fungal infection in groin area and it is spreading in legs and other part of skin.

Hair loss in top corners

Is it possible to stop hair fall & regrow hairs? Does homeopathic medicine help in regrowth of hair. Which homeopathy medicine is useful in hair loss problem?

Treatment for phycosis,

I have auditory hallucinations and delusion for last 10 years, phycosis and grd problem before what is treatment for this

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The Cosmopolitan Menace - Constipation

Chronic constipation is a  debilitating disease and an embarrassment.  If your Alimentary Tract is sick so would be your mind and body and vice versa too. The High level of Pollution in your body is like the heap of Filth, Garbage made up of decayed food laced with germs and bacteria. ...

Asthma Complete Cure by Homoeopathy

TREATING ASTHMA WITH HOMEOPATHY                      The word "Asthma" comes from the Greek, meaning, "to breathe hard." "Breath is life and life is breath". Breathing is such an accepted reality of life that we do not give much significance ...

Smile Back to Health With Homeopathy

Smile back to health with HomeopathyIf there is a simple, safe and swift path of recovery to health then it has to be homeopathy. Founded more than two centuries ago by Dr.Samuel Hahnemann, a German Physician, pained with the therapy of the times, was on search for an ...


As the winter approaches, it carries with it the fear of flu, common cold and other common viral infections. Eating a well-balanced diet can help in building the body’s defense to fight these infections better. Some of the foods that help in boosting the immune system include:1.) ...

5 Natural Ways to Cure a Bad Cough

Bad cough maybe due to several reasons. To name a few, it can be due to Change of weatherAllergic response to pollution, smoking, etcInfections, mostly viral, rarely bacterial or fungalTo heal the cough naturally, it is suggested to do the ...

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