Skin Disorder Treatment

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Beard problen

My beard is not growing properly so what shell I do is there any thing I can do for my beard that it can grow properly

Diet and experience

I am 20 year old (single). I want slim figure . So kindly help me for the same ...i am working with bank so i am not take more time for lose weight and tell me how to do???


My problem vericocele grade 1 Piese give information Give goog advice Waiting for ur unser I want children

White marks under my hair

I can't explain you so long. just look at these pics nd tell me wht is exactly happening with me. Thankyou

Systemic lupus erythemato

My wife is suffering from SLE disease since last 6 years, I would like to know if there is proper treatment and cure available in Homeopathy?

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Myths & Facts About Homeopathy

MYTH:  Homeopathic medicines are not used for Acute.FACT :    Hom.medicines are used both for acute and chronic diseases.MYTH : Homeopathy can’t give relief in fever.FACTS : Medicines used for all kind of fevers as per the symptoms presented by individual ...

Healthy New Year's resolution.....a Promise to Yourself

Every year brings joy and happiness to all of us. This year give yourself a promise..A promise to love yourself.All of us suffer from stress. Stress is always not bad. It gives us the drive and energy to do our work.If this good stress starts bothering you then it needs attention. Stress ...

Homeopathy a Safe and Effective Cure for Kidney stone.........

??Kidney Stone::                            @   Kidney stones are hard, abnormal concretions composed of mineral salts which can lie in the kidney, ureters or urinary bladder.@   Kidney stones affect ...

Time to Clean Up Your Body

The festivities are over now and you find yourself a few kilos heavier along with lethargic feeling. We all tend to overload our systems during this season. Indulgence has been at its peak and what we probably need right now is to detox and clean up with right nutrition to spring back to ...

3 Ways to Reduce Swelling of an Infected Ear

EaracheEarache is more common in children. It can be caused by any infection in ear, enlarged adenoid, injury, throat infection, sinusitis, change in pressure (as flying in plane),earwax,   or any referred pain. Earache can be associated with high fever, discharge from ear, ...

Dr. Sanjay Panicker - Homeopath
Dr. Sanjay Panicker Homeopath (BHMS) 19 years experience Amrita Homeopathy
779 recommendations Koramangala 4 Block, Bangalore Free Consultation
Dr. Joy Krishna Banerjee - Homeopath
Dr. Joy Krishna Banerjee Homeopath (BHMS, MD - Homeopathy, Master of Hospital Administration) 11 years experience Dr. Banerjee Multi Speciality Homeopathy
572 recommendations Indiranagar, Bangalore INR 300
Dr. R Priya Pillai - Homeopath
Dr. R Priya Pillai Homeopath (BHMS) 21 years experience Dr R Priya 's Homeopathy Centre
211 recommendations Indiranagar, Bangalore INR 300
Dr. Jayashree Rao - Homeopath
Dr. Jayashree Rao Homeopath (BHMS, MSc) 15 years experience Bliss Homoeo Care
143 recommendations Marathahalli, Bangalore INR 300
465 recommendations Kundalahalli, Bangalore INR 400