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About piles

Sir is it possible to cure piles form homeopathy Am suffering from piles from past 6 months 1nce operated already in 2006

Diet and experience

I am 20 year old (single). I want slim figure . So kindly help me for the same ...i am working with bank so i am not take more time for lose weight and tell me how to do???

White marks under my hair

I can't explain you so long. just look at these pics nd tell me wht is exactly happening with me. Thankyou

Allergic to dust

I am allergic to dust , need some suggestions to prevent it while traveling and commuting in city...

Leaver pain

Regular pain in leaver.. Not continuously but after 30 to 1 hour vry hard pain.. But mainer pain are regular.. With in weak she says when she is lafter fastly.. She between back bone and breast.. Is pain full... Full day

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Importance of IQ(B) Than IQ(A) in Life

Irritations eroding self esteemWe all know that IQ (intelligent quotient) plays major role in our credibility, achievement, success, position in our lives. It helps us to be with others in all areas / aspects of life; professional, personal, societal & so on. We feel a sense of confidence as ...

13 Simple & Effective Tips to Come Out of Depression

Don't isolate yourself. Reach out and stay connected to supportive people. Go out with friends.Do things that make you feel good—even when you don’t feel like it: Pick up a former hobby or a sport you used to like. Or express yourself creatively through music, art, or ...

Migraine and It's Scope in Homoeopathy

Headache is one of the most frequent neurological symptom but migraine is due to raised intracranial pressure and may be accompanied or preceded by vomiting. It may be severe and one sided.It should bedifferentiated from tension headache or migrainous neuralgia (clusterheadache).   ...

Homoeopathic Healing on Diwali Night

DEAR READERS,This a quick handy help for Diwali Night.At times no doctor is available on Diwali night,so keep these 2 medicines handy.1. In case of Burns: Give first aid to the person by applying Ice or Cold water over the burn.Do not rub or dry using towel.Cantharis 200, five to ...

3 Ways to Reduce Swelling of an Infected Ear

EaracheEarache is more common in children. It can be caused by any infection in ear, enlarged adenoid, injury, throat infection, sinusitis, change in pressure (as flying in plane),earwax,   or any referred pain. Earache can be associated with high fever, discharge from ear, ...

Dr. Sanjay Panicker - Homeopath
Dr. Sanjay Panicker Homeopath (BHMS) 19 years experience Amrita Homeopathy
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Dr. Joy Krishna Banerjee Homeopath (BHMS, MD - Homeopathy, Master of Hospital Administration) 11 years experience Dr. Banerjee Multi Speciality Homeopathy
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Dr. R Priya Pillai Homeopath (BHMS) 21 years experience Dr R Priya 's Homeopathy Centre
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Dr. Jayashree Rao Homeopath (BHMS, MSc) 15 years experience Bliss Homoeo Care
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