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Inflammed adenoid

My 5 year son is suffering from enlarged adenoid. We are following homeopathy medication for him from last 6 months. He is fine for a week, later he again catches cold, mouth breathing and snoring. He spends lot of effort in breathing at night & later has no energy left for any other physical activity. Want to understand if homeopathy will completely cure adenoid problem and how much time it will take to make him feel better. Thanks.

I have pcod

What diet plan to follow in pcod?? I have pcod since 2 years and I'm not able to lose weight..although taking homeopathic medicines.. Please help

Hair loss in Beard

HI From last two months i observed my beard have some hair loss patches in round shape (2) i already take allopathy treatment but it has no effect, i want to know homeopathy treatment can be beneficial if yest then how?

Allergic Sinus

I`m taking homeopathic medicine from the last one year at that time i undergone for various blood test and Water view Xray. In january 2016 my IGE level is 2995. In june 2017, my second test report suggest my ige is 1550,and Now on 9 feb 2017 my third blood test says that my IGE is 1498 which is very surprising for me. Still i`m taking homeopathic medicine please suggest me what to do I had continuos Headache and Constipation.

Balanitis xerotica obliterans (BXO)

Hello Sir/Mam , I have bxo from 15 days . I want to know about Treatment. I know to know it is curable or not , or I have to go for surgery.

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Homeopathy: An Effective Holistic Approach

Many thoughtful teachers at medical colleges kept mentioning to their students: “Any treatment that does not harm patients cannot be all bad”. As they contain no active ingredient, highly dilute remedies leaving no side effects. So, from this perspective, homeopathy would ...

Ideal Time to Eat Nuts

                    There are lots and lots of nutritious values in nuts. it contains numerous vitamins, minerals, calcium, omega 3, unsaturated fatty acids etc. and even more. simply, we can say its an power house in our body.  ...

Get Back to the Track After Holi

We are bound to give in to the goodies and cheat a little or in fact cheat a lot. It becomes difficult to stay within our calorie budgets when there is so much good food around us amidst all the Holi celebrations. Here's looking at what you can do after Holi to ensure that you get back on to the ...

How to Overcome Negative Thoughts

         The Negative Thoughts are starts with just a feeling or thoughts or it may be a sentences spoken by someone else. if we hear Try, Try, Try Again... definitely we will not fall into negative thoughtsHere are some simple tips to overcome it:Live in ...

Adenoid - Complete Cure

What is Adenoid ??Adenoid is a lump of lymphoid tissue that sits between the tonsils, higher up in the back of the mouth. Adenoids are non-cancerous, soft overgrowths that develop within the nose ...

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