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Sinusitis headache

I had underwent sinusitis surgery in Dec-2015 due to one side nostril got blocked and unable to exhale though that nostril. Till date it was fine but since one month problem started again. My ear fills pressure on it. Mucus comes in throat. More mucus comes after meal. And very much headache and heavyness filling in head. Now I want to cure it permanently through homeopathy.

Heavy dose of calcarea

Dr my daughter is two year old .she eat approx twelve tablets of calcarea homomorphic medicine. What does it any side effects. What should I do now?

IBS, cramps, skin issues.

I have taken multiple antibiotic courses since March 2016 for UTI, Food poisoning, Kidney infection. All that has been resolved, but now: 1. My bowel movements are not regular. I seem to alternate between major constipation (less than 3 bowel movements a week) and dysentery-like (more than 5 watery stools a day). 2. Severe period-like cramps on any random day of the month, and delayed periods. 3. Skin problems like itchy skin/hair follicles, acne on face/upper body. I am assuming all these are side effects of taking so many antibiotics since they have never occurred all at once before, and I am pretty sensitive too. Can somebody suggest a suitable doctor/treatment? Are there treatments available in Homeopath or Ayurveda for this? I don't want to turn to Allopathy again since I don't want more antibiotics and also have trouble swallowing pills. (Chronic probs: IBS, Fibromyalgia. Current meds: Probiotics.)

Herpes and chlamydia

I recently tested for std panel test from lal path labs . Both Chlamydia and herpes came reactive. Currently I am taking homeopathic medicines . I am unmarried , should I marry or not. Are both of these disease curable. What happens to female partner if these disease are passed to her .

Unwanted Vellus hair

Hello Doctor, My daughter has a lot of unwanted vellus hair on her face and body, which is visible, and getting darker with time. Is it possible to remove that unwanted hair growth in a safe and painless way? Please reply.

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Positional Cervical Spondilitis.

Dear Readers,With advanced technology, habits of living in comfort zones have given birth to aches and pain in nape of our neck.We use wrong postures while watching T.V,working on desktops,laptops and mobiles for long hours.Unknowingly we are producing harm to our own body and ...

Yes!! It Is Depression and There Is a Way Out!

Depression is a disorder of major public health importance, in terms of its prevalence and the suffering, dysfunction,morbidity, and economic burden. Depression is more common in women than men. Each year, between 30 and 40 people per 100,000 Indians aged between 15 and 29  are affected by ...

Fix Your Posture and Reduce the Risk of Back Ache With These 5 Simple Tips

A good posture is the first step to get rid of many small health issues.Pain in back due to bad posture !What exactly is this "good posture"? A good posture or an ideal posture is one that you acquire when you walk with a book kept on your head. Try it and see what happens to your body ...

Preventing Oral Cancer

Here’s how you can take an active role in preventing oral cancer or detecting it in its early stages:1. Always brush and floss your teeth regularly. An unhealthy mouth reduces your immune system and inhibits your body’s ability to fight off potential cancers.2. Do not ...

Are You Desperate for Glowing Skin? Try These Natural Ways…

Gone are the days when men did not worry about their skin texture. Skincare was sole responsibility and cause of stress for teenage girls and women. But now in 21st century, the scenario has changed. Instead of building muscle mass [by exercising], gaining a rough and tough body, many young ...

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