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Head ache and weakness

Left part of head was paining and eyes are rotating . At that time my body was not being in my control . I can't even stant properly . What is the reason for this problem . Is this a serious problem . Can I consult doctor

Constant bodyache

I have been suffering from severe body aches for days now. I did test and I was made to understand that I just need rest. I have rested at home for days now and there is no improvement yet. I hope am not suffering from fibromyalgia

Repeated breathlessness and fainting

I'm feeling spells of fainting along with breathlessness. I'm getting neck cramps and feeling cold (light shivers), at the same time feeling hot only near my forehead during the bout. I feel dizzy and light headed before this period and tired after.

Having flu

I am having headache, sneezing, body ache, throat ache, coughing, slight shivering. Please suggest me the best medicine for same.

Pain abdomen since 10 days

Have pain in the upper abdomen since almost 10 days. Have taken pan d but only symptomativ relief...