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Having a stomach pain

Having a stomach pain, which come and go very frequently. I am having this problem from yesterday. The pain is not too much but it keeps irretating.

Left hole body

Dear dir I am suffering pain in left leg, left back and left hand from last 2 month. This is not muscular pain may be this in wave pain as I told me a general phisision

Constant lower back pain

I am male having lower back pain. It was around 12 years ago I got such type of pain but now after so many years I got this pain. The pain is from lower back till the left leg it is appearing as if my any nerve is getting pulled up.because of this I am unable to sit properly

Blue nails in newborn

My baby boy is 15 days old..his nails are blue,more like purple colour(only on finger nails)..i wonder what causes it? i had c section..does that have anything to do with it?..worried abt my little one..pls nd Thank you.

Strange swelling

My great grandmother who is 96, she's been ill for quite a long time but suddenly some strange swealling on the right side of the face. We can't figure out what it is? Pituitary infection or else??

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Hiv Treatment According to Cd4 Counts

CD4 cells (sometimes called T-cells, T-lymphocytes, or helper cells) are white blood cells that play an important role in the immune system. Your CD4 cell count gives you an indication of the health of your immune system – your body’s natural defence system against pathogens, infections and ...

How Hiv Spreads

How can you get HIV?HIV lives in the following bodily fluids of an infected person:bloodsemen and pre-seminal fluid (“pre-cum”)rectal fluids/anal mucousvaginal fluidsbreast milk.To get infected, these ...

Symptoms of HIV

Some people may experience a flu-like illness within 2-4 weeks after HIV infection. But some people may not feel sick during this stage.Flu-like symptoms can include:FeverChillsRashNight sweatsMuscle achesSore ...

Hiv Symptoms in Men

The symptoms of HIV can vary greatly from person to person. No two men with HIV will experience the exact same symptoms. However, an HIV infection in men will generally follow this pattern:acute illnessasymptomatic periodadvanced infectionAcute ...

When to Do Hiv Testing in Pregnancy and Why Partner's Hiv Testing Is Essential

27 year old male, came to me with HIV positive report and he was in WHO stage 3 illness. When i asked about his wife's report, he told that she is pregnant ( 5th RMOA ) and tested  negative at 3rd RMOA. But during history taking he revealed that he wasn't tested for HIV at ...