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High fever

I am having a high fever along with headache and loose stools and also their is a little bit pain inside the bone marrow of legs


I, male, 67 yrs, from chennai. I diagonised as " small hiatus in hernia " . I felt respirstion, constipation for the last months. Sugar patient for the last 25 years, taking medicine regularly for last 10 years. Gave my smoking for past 10 years. Minimum liquor twicc in a month. My food intake is very limited. Advice me.

Cold and Sneezing

I'm Suffering from cold and sneezing from last 2 days Please suggest some good medicine name. Thanks

Fever bodypain cough

Iam having body pain with mild fever when i take paracetamol fever is gone and fever and body pain is worst at middle of night sometimes i take medicine from mbbs family doctore after that iamhaving cough for 3 to 4 days and then iam fit and fine for 2months and againsame type of symptopms occurs.

Fever, body pain

I have been having a fever 2 days ago with full body pain. Sometime it generally happen to me when i have some heavy work

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Oppertunistic Infections That Occur at Various Cd4 Counts in Hiv Infected Person

 Oppertunistic infections that commonly occur  in hiv patients who have low cd4 counts .Of these infections tuberculosis tops the list followed by candidiasis, herpes and various infections causing  diarrea. At very low cd4 counts the risk of pcp pneumonia and ...

Hiv Treatment According to Cd4 Counts

CD4 cells (sometimes called T-cells, T-lymphocytes, or helper cells) are white blood cells that play an important role in the immune system. Your CD4 cell count gives you an indication of the health of your immune system – your body’s natural defence system against pathogens, infections and ...

Hiv Symptoms in Men

The symptoms of HIV can vary greatly from person to person. No two men with HIV will experience the exact same symptoms. However, an HIV infection in men will generally follow this pattern:acute illnessasymptomatic periodadvanced infectionAcute ...

Time Taken for Hiv Infected Person to Become Symptomatic

After getting HIV it might take 5 to 6 yrs fora patient to develop HIV symptoms.The symptoms of HIV can differ from person-to-person and some people may not get any symptoms at all. Without treatment, the virus will get worse over time and damage your immune system. We look at the three ...