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Pain in deltoid / shoulder after workout

I am 50 years old. I started working out 5 days ago at a gym after long gap . I'm having constant throbbing pain in right shoulder/deltoid/ biceps etc. I can feel something (like trapped gas moving) from my chest down to my biceps. pls advise

Knee Replacement Surgery

My mother underwent a knee replacement surgery in year 2011 from Amritsar (our hometown). The surgery was a disaster as the stitches opened just 2 days after the operation resulting in high bleeding and infection. With medication, the wound healed somehow, however, my mother could never walk after words and she is still on bed completely dependent on others for even for her basic daily needs. I now reside in Delhi and I want to have my mother another surgery for same knee replacement done. Please advise if it is advisable to have second surgery as first one was a complete failure Further, what are the success rate of knee replacement surgery? Will my mother be able to stand and walk on her own ever?

Lower back pain

I am having lower back pain from center to left side from last 2 days. The pain increases when I try to get up after resting for some time. Pain subsidies when I walk.

Kienbock's disease

I have been diagnosed with Kienbock's disease after an MRI scan and Xray...however my wrist been immobilised since 20 days and i am feeling some improvements...the Dr recommended to do a revascularisation surgery to my situation and he told me that i am in stage 2 of the kienbock's disease...what i want to know is if it is normal to feel better with the wrist with time and a surgery is needed? or i should check another doctor to know better about my situation? and thank you

Shoulder pain

Shoulder pain occurs when i am in rest and at night during sleep.i am suffering from this from last 1 week..but it doesn't pain while push ups or chin ups