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Pain in elbow

I have been experiencing pain in my left elbow whenever I am lifting anything from my left hand.Nothing came out in X-ray,kindly help me out. It's been almost 20 months now!!

Feeling pain in muscles

My mother sometimes feels pain in her muscles and bones. I have consulted with doctor recently and he has prescribed vitamins tablet. But if she stops taking tablet she starts feeling pain. I want to see her to a specialist for a second and expert opinion. Kindly consult with which specialist I should see her.

Reeta gupta

Knee pain and tibia bone pain. Aprox six years. She is suffering from very severe pain from last six years her legs become swolle when she feel pain.

Right hand wrist fracture

Father(68) met with an accident. Right hand wrist fracture. Doc asked for a operation before plaster Does it required? Someone said a wire to be placed around bones to keep them along Does it really required or we can go for plaster only n leave it for self healing

Knee injured around ACL

I injured my knee around acl (i was not doing any intense physical activity just i had to walk 3-4Kms in summer) I m taking physiotherapy but i need some opinions about excercise, diet, precautions, homemade remedies.