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Heel pain on left leg

There is severe heel pain in my left leg For which I have got an x-ray done...plz suggest me what to do

Ankle pain

My ankle hurts 80% of the day, especially when walking. Sometimes it hurts so bad I immediately have to put my weight on my other foot. I don't have full range of motion and it constantly feels like it needs to 'pop'. I'm only 18.

Right Shoulder Pain

It has been extreme pain in my right shoulder since last night. I think like it is due to bad posture or over stretching neck away from shoulder.

Torn Knee Meniscus and ACL

I've suffered a torn knee meniscus and ACL earlier this year. I would like to have the surgery after a year and half. I believe there will be scar tissue build up at the internal wound site. Having scar tissue will it complicate the operation and could it cause me knee problems post the operation? Can I postpone the surgery like this?

Cervical n lumber n muscle spasms

Stiff neck..neck pain goes in head..muscle spasms along with breathing problem. Muscle spasms in legs n arms . Lumber problem too.sometimes pain in joints too. Muscle spasms since 2 months n now increasing. Please advise.