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Female age 26, chondromalacea patellae

Have deviation in knees as observed in x ray, and have been experiencing pain/discomfort on squatting. What are the chances of recovery? And what treatment options available?

Disc bulging in lumbar region

Pain in lower back in forward bending and in continue sitting for 2hrs. MRI report reflects that I have a disc bulging with annular tear in L4-L5 lumbar region of lower back

PCL Avulsion fracture

Meet with an accident 4 days before. Took an MRI shows PCL avulsion fracture of posterior aspect of the tibial spine. Elevation of above 5mm from the bone bed. Do I need a surgery for this? My doc advised me for no surgery needed. Please suggest

Severe pain in my foot.ankle part.

When I get up in the morning I have this stinging pain in my foot n I'm facing difficulty walking as the pinching pain causes me inconvenience.. sometimes it's in the heel and sometimes in the ankle.. been facing this issue suddenly since past 2 months.. no prior history of any of this condition in family as well.

Walking awkward

Can't walk properly It is too awkward I am facing this problem since 15 years when I was born my parents after 3-4 months putten me in to the walker