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Eye floaters

I have eye floaters so I want to go for dilated fundus examination. Spots increase in size when reaches my center vision. I m scared, if I have problem in my ratina or some internal problem. I had gone for laser iridotomy last week. How long I have to wait.

Floaters in eyes

I have laser iridotomy last week. When can I go for dilated eye examination. Do I need to wait for 6 weeks. Or can go for it now. I see floaters which increases in side when it reaches middle of my vision.

Droopling of eyelid

Surgery for hooded eyes is possible or not if yes u can tell me the details

Lasik vision correction

Patient got LASIK tests done last month and doctor said he is ok to get the procedure. Patient has -8 in both eyes with -3 astigmatism. Power was higher ten years back but has gone down. There is history of optic neuritis in left eye that has healed. Underlying pathology is MS - optic neuritis was diagnosed 10 years back. No other significant symptoms. Is he suitable for getting femtoLASIK? Will the power go completely?

Allergic conjunctivitis

I have been living with allergic conjunctivitis almost all my life and I have used different types of eye drops which seem to arrest the problem for a while but as soon as I stop or the drops run out, the inflammation,redness and sensitivity to light starts again. I desperately need help to resolve this problem once and for all.