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I am suffering with small layer on

I am suffering with small layer on outside of lense and redness in my eye and i consult opthmologist and doctor give opthimist,toba-F eye drops.and i used these drops thrice in a day but redness is there.what should i do.

Best catrect eye surgery in best lenss

Pls explain to best doctor to eye surgery in Ahmedabad . N suggest to best catrect lenss in eye surgery.

Eye sight problem

I was using tearvet xtra liquid in my eyes is this gud for my eyes to use or else should i change it?...and is it working properly sir....and i have rightdistance cyl - 1.50 100 degre axis and left eye -0.75 axis 90 wt ...sir my qustn is shall i use these glasees continulously...or els may i use while using lappy or reading...?

Confused for Lasik

I have visited two hospitals for LASIK, the first hospital says my cornea thickness is less hence they suggested me for PRK (which is costing me 50k) and another hospital they suggested me schwind LASIK which is costing around 1.1 , so am confused what to choose and which is better . attaching the reports , please share your email id so that I can send two more files.

Eye swelling and conjunctivitis

I have meibomitis and bhleapritis for 5 days.met with opthalmologist she gave me ciprox tab and gatifloxacin ointment.have been taking for 3 days.looks like i have got conjunctivitis now.painful irritation and constant watering present. Can i take antibiotic eyedrops along with what am taking.i have headache to.. eyelid swelled up badly.. couldn't touch it.