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Regarding eye problem

Good evening doctor..iam 30 yrs old male ..having redness in my left eye aling with post sleep crusting of eye,watering of eye,discomfort of blurring of vision

Eye problem

Sir From past 6 months, I got infected with conjunctivitis twice I took proper eye drops and ointment as prescribed by a senior opthalmologist Sir Now I am facing problem in eyes Sometimes they get red suddenly and while I use phone, they pain sometimes Sir is it a case of dry eyes or allergy? Kindly help sir

Right eye painful

From 1 week ago my eye is itching so badly don't knw why So I was using my hand and crumbled it .now i don't knw what happened my right eye is very painful. Only the right eye , please let me know why

Good eyes sterilizer

Eyes itching sometimes Dirt and fine particles in eyes. Suggest me a good eyes sterilizer. Thank you

Eye specialist

I have swelling in left upper eyelid. Every time i visit doctor, he suggests of pus drainage. Even he drained it twice. Now it has 3rd time in last 2 years... is there any other option than drainage...