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Pain around the eyes and head ache

Too much of head ache and though I have enough sleep have some restless feeling in my eyes and have a kind of pain around my eyes

Left eye blurry vision

I am experiencing cloudy and blurry vision in left eye.I feel I am not able to see things clearly at a far off distance.My vision test revealed 6/6 vision.What can be done?

Eye problem.

Hello Sir, My opthalmologist has given me refresh liquigel eye drop. 1) does refresh liquigel contain presrvative? 2) earlier I was using maxmoist eye drop so which drop is high concerntarted refresh liquigel or maxmoist? 3) which one I should use amon refresh liquigel or maxmoist? 4) will it have any adverse effect on my eyes? Please help with guidance . Thank you.

Chalazion reoccurred

Hi .. Exactly one year ago I got my chalazion surgery done . It got better after few weeks . I was doing fine but two days back I think it has reoccurred . There is swelling around my eyes , the same place is swollen and I can feel something hard . I think it's infected . Please guide regarding the eyedrops for some relief . There is slight pain also spcly on touching that part . Please check the picture for reference .

Contact lense

Hello i am from kolkata(south).. Do contact lenses diameter and base curve matter?? How to choose right contact lenses for me??