Postural Reeducation

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Need help for personal

Im 26 yr old and I feel that I had problem of erectile dysfunction. And m not able to perform which makes my gf sad. Please help

Ashwagandha tablet doses

I have bought himalaya ashwagandha tablet. Im confused about its dosase. I would like to know how to take the tablet and for how much duration for the health benefits.


I am taking 1 ashwagandha tablets 250 mg after dinner but I am feeling sleepy during daytime I have just took 1 dosage is there any issue with it ?

Cervical spondylosis

Can you provide consultation for homeopathic treatment for cervical spondylosis?

Side effects of Ovaral L

I am taking Ovaral L 21 days. Since last few days I am feeling bloated and irritated. I still have four days left. I want to know if I stop without finishing will I get my period early or late or on time.