Health Q&A
Skin damage

Sir I had accident where my finger is fracture doctor put k wire but my skin is damage and nail is removed. Will skin and nail Wii will come?

Hair query

I wash my hair with RO water to avoid any hard water problems. These new RO systems are coming with some copper technology that says it will have copper in water. Is it still safe to wash my hair with this coz I read online that copper is not good for hair wash.

Hair loss,dandruff,dull skin on face

I am facing excess hairloss,dandruff,dull skin on face,wrinkles below eye,dark patches on hands and foots. there is some kind of pimples or white heads below eye.what should i do?

Acne, dark circle and dark lips

I always had dry skin and never faced any acne issue but recently I m frequently getting boil(pus) on my face. Products I m using Cetaphil cleanser Aquasoft FC (morning) and Aha glow moisturizer(night) Make remover: extra virgin coconut oil Kaya sunscreen SPF 30 Also have dark circles and dark lips..can you suggest medicine/ solution for this.

Will cholesterol result skin darkening

Hi I am facing a problem of skin darkening in my face. Is it the result of Cholesterol and LDL or HDL