Cardiac Electrophysiology

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Full body checks

What check are recommended for heart check ups for my father , so far he is fit, but often go through a lot of stress. In today's world I want to get checks done so as to asses his heart condition and can go ahead with preventive checks and precautions.

Complete right bundle branch block

I made ECG in which I found tha my father have complete right bundle branch block also marked right axis deviation and sinus rhytm that is serious or not

Heart palpitations

Last week in the Gym, I had a hand twitching because of being excessively dehydrated, now I'm always anxious that it might happen again. While sleeping at night mainly I get so much random thoughts regarding this also I can feel my heartbeat while sleeping, I am hardly able to sleep at night because of this! Please suggest me something!

Evaluation of my echo report ?

My echo report is completely normal as per my doctor ! But i see my EF is 64%, is that normal? Why is it not 100% ?

Chest Pain

Since 2 days after waking up I am getting severe pain in center of chest it goes away after some time. Also today i have been coughing since afternoon. can you please guide