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Health Q&A
Mucus coming afyer colnoscopy

I did colnoscopy yesterday and the result is that I have a polyp 8 cm above from my anus and other things are normal... I haven't gotten the polyp removed yet... It's scheduled for next week... But today morning also I had thick white mucus coming out in large quantity... And my stool was still very very thin... And in past I had blood coming along with mucus but now only mucus comes... Is this mucus and blood coming are due to the polyp..?

Same problem even after doing colnoscopy

I did colposcopy yesterday and my result is that I have a polyp and rest is normal... But m still facing same issues of mucus coming and thin stool... What could be the reason for it... Please please help me

Small painless lump near groin

I have a very small painless lump near groin ... It was not growing nor painful... Accedentaly today I pressed it and dry white material comes. Which was smelly.. I kept pressing and now my whole lump had come out it was white dry it something to worry??

Uterus skin test no cancer report but

Uterus skin test no cancer report but mri scan reporting cancer doubt. Please anyone help me plsssss

Mrm done then

All surgical treatments are done but drain pipe not Remo and steech are not cut but how about breast Cancer