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Free kappa /lambda

To my Father free kappa/lambda ratio is 13.6from IEP test,what it indicates some one can tell me and treating doctor suggested for bone marrow biopsy as a next diagonse

Life expectancy of drug taking paraplegi

What is the estimated life expectancy for a 64 year old male who has been diagnosed with COPD, takes blood pressure medication, has smoked cigarettes for 50 years but quit recently, has a history of alcoholism but now drinks socially, smokes crack cocaine weekly, injects intravenous opioids (crushed dilaudid pills, no street heroin) several times a week, is prescribed 80mg Oxycontin, 3mg Xanax, and 30mg Percocet daily, is a T11 paraplegic, has a stage 4 decubitous ulcer, who rarely exercises,

Leuko plakiaplakia

Sir...I had been chain smoker...quit-16 yrs...Pan parag chewing for about 8 yrs..quit one year... White patches appeared in hard palate 3 yrs back and vanished... Now, two white patches found in the throat, as revealed through endoscopy... Can I use 'Fluca-150' tablets ? Kindly suggest me further treatment also.. Thanks and regards...

Familial Amyloidosis

Hi doctor, I am a end stage renal patient for which reason is not yet diagnosed. Biopsy could not be done in kidney due to amail sze. Recently my sister abroad has been diagnosed with Familial amyloidosis which doctors have suggested is something that is genetic and runs in family. Is there a way to diagnose of i am suffering from a similar problem?

Allergy and food intolerance

It itchy eyes ,vomiting ,allergy ,constipation ,what ever I eat ,I started vomiting, I had consulted endo ,he said all the test Results are normal ,but still am allergy to wheat barley milk egg ,am not at all eat anything