Health Q&A
Bed sore at lower back

My 71 year old mother-in-law, who is suffering from Alzheimer's has developed bed sore in her lower back. Despite everyday cleaning and dressing, the bed sore seems to worsen. She is mobile and not completely bed ridden

Skin Rashes

I've been having rashes on my foreheads, ears, cheeks and arms since January until now. Slightly dry texture and itchy. I just wanna know if this is allergy towards something I ate like chicken.

Allergy and food intolerance

It itchy eyes ,vomiting ,allergy ,constipation ,what ever I eat ,I started vomiting, I had consulted endo ,he said all the test Results are normal ,but still am allergy to wheat barley milk egg ,am not at all eat anything

Alergy on face and body.. lips swelling.

I am 63 years old female with Diabetics and HypoThyroidism for past 5 years.. currently Diabetics and thyroid is within control levels. Recently getting Allergy on body mainly legs, and today morning face is swellen. Pls suggest remedy.

Tuberculosis problem

My wife developed tuberculosis....we just had a test on skin....she develops redness on skin after a droplet was injecting in her skin layer... How sever is tuberculosis... How much time does it take to cure tuberculosis.. which type of doctor treats tuberculosis......